Meet Our Family

We are Vanj and Brett. We understand that making a life plan for your baby is probably the most difficult time of your life but everything happens for a reason. God put you on this path because he trusts that you would make good decisions. Always look on the bright side, there are families like us, who will treasure and love your baby with all our hearts and share with them everything we are.
We are happily married for almost seven years, we have worked side by side establishing our life together. We love each other dearly! We love travel and exploring the world, which includes visiting our family in the Philippines.
Vanj is currently working as a Physical Therapy Office Manager and Brett runs our retail business by the beach and boardwalk. We live in a neighborhood where we are surrounded by siblings, grandparents and two young nieces living within walking distance. We only need one thing to truly fulfill our lives…..a baby. Our hearts, our home, and our families are ready to welcome a baby into our lives.