Meet Our Family

Two Philly Kids
a blind date
a first kiss
His – a small family
Hers – a huge eight

Twenty years later
We’ve shared love – we’ve had loss
Two children
Our cats
A puppy who’s boss

Our hearts are wide open
Lots of love to give
Two teenage siblings
Cousins galore
A diverse community to live

Flexible schedules
We both work together
Both sole caretaker
For the new
Family treasure

Beach trips – bike rides
Time by the pool
Long walks – barbecues – cheering our Eagles
the weather Is cool

We introduce ourselves…
Joe, Theresa, Gina and Chris
Plus Caramel our puppy
Our cats
Zoe, Darby, Munchkin and Chips

Just two Philly kids
Now some years behind us
Yes – all of the above…
Adopting a child – for us…
It’s all about LOVE.