Meet Our Family

We are Spencer, Ellen, and Honora. Spencer works in information technology (IT), Ellen works in banking and Honora works at being in the 2nd grade. We would like to thank you for considering us today. Ellen is an adult adoptee and has always known she has wanted to adopt a child. After Spencer and I gave birth to our daughter, we looked to adoption as a way of expanding our family.

As a family we have 2 cats and a dog, and we love to travel. We have family scattered all over the world and visit as often as we can. We never say no to books, and we love hanging out with a good one and reading. Education is so important to us. Spencer’s father was a college professor, and his mother is also college educated. Ellen’s father has his masters, and her mother took college courses. Ellen’s father also served in the US Army.

On a personal note, we want you to know that our child will be loved, cherished, and encouraged. Our child will have a life filled with adventure. Our child will travel the world and see so many things that most (including us) have never seen. Our child will have grandparents and extended relatives who love him/her unconditionally. Our child will be loved, wanted, valued, and respected. We use the word “ours” because as a child, Ellen’s mother always told she was special because she had two mommies… one who gave her life and another who taught her to live it. Your birth child is so incredibly special and we would love to add him/her to our family.

Thank you for considering us.