Preschool Family Outreach


Our Trenton Preschool Family Outreach Program is a collaborative effort with the Trenton Board of Education Early Childhood Department and Community Child Care Centers (formerly known as Abbott Centers).

Family Outreach is part of a collaborative effort in New Jersey school districts. The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey is the managing agency for the Trenton District’s Family Workers. Two coordinators provide supervision and training to approximately 45 Family Workers in the Trenton district who serve almost 2,000 families annually. The Family Workers are employed in community preschools to provide service to the city’s 3- and 4-year-old children.

Family Workers encourage increased family involvement with children’s early education. Workers also help families access community services and resources. They develop activities to increase parent participation at the preschool, and ensure each child is developmentally screened on an annual basis.

Research strongly supports the importance of family involvement with young children’s education to assure school success for these children.


Zully Rodriguez, Family Outreach Program Supervisor
(609) 620-1018, Ext. 205

Ryan Appleby, Family Worker Coordinator
(609)620-1018, Ext. 204

Angela Graham-Dherbey, Family Worker Coordinator
(609) 620-1018, Ext. 203