Kids Intervention with Kids in School


Kids Intervention with Kids in School (KIKS) is a school based youth development and primary prevention program. KIKS utilizes peer leaders as positive role models for groups of pre-adolescents. The KIKS model focuses on the “root causes” of self-destructive adolescent behaviors and works with young people to build confidence, communication, decision making and appropriate conflict resolution skills.  KIKS helps students develop and enhance “life skills” so that their adolescent experiences can be more positive, productive and peaceful. Students practice these skills throughout the school year to help themselves and their peers prevent high-risk behaviors.

Evaluation of the 2014-2015 program using evidence-based assessments found:


  • 95% of KIKS participants improved their understanding of the effect of addictive substances on physical health
  • 79% of the students improved their understanding of how to identify and cope with confrontation and bullying, and improved their conflict resolution skills

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Our KIKS program launched in 1987 and currently operates in Grace A. Dunn Middle School (Trenton, NJ) and The Cranbury School (Cranbury, NJ).  KIKS serves students in grades 5 through 8 and its Positive Response Organization (The PRO’s) is a unique support and mentoring program for 7th and 8th grade male students at the Cranbury School.


KIKS Brochure

Trenton Board of Ed

For more information about our school based services, please contact Louise Shabazz via email at or via telephone at (609) 620-1018, Ext. 200.