Project H.I.M. Mission

Father engagement is a vital and integrated aspect of parent, family, and community engagement work. Male family members and father figures also serve key roles in the healthy development of their children and families, and have much to add to their Head Start communities. The goal of the H.I.M. program is to support fathers, grandfathers, uncles or significant males in Head Start families to enhance male involvement with children at home and school, which contributes to the benefit of children’s learning and development. The role of the Fatherhood Specialist is to engage fathers and male father figures to partner with Head Start Staff to promote their child’s best interest and to support successful child outcomes.

The Impact of Positive Father Engagement 

(Adapted from “Building Blocks for Father Involvement, Building Block 1”)

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[toggle title=”School Readiness”]

Children enter school ready to learn and are comfortable in the school setting.

[toggle title=”Overall Behavior”]

Children experience fewer behavior problems and emotional difficulties.

[toggle title=”Verbal and Cognitive Skills”]

Children who have actively engaged parents learn problem solving.

[toggle title=”Confidence”]

Children who have relationships with their fathers demonstrate greater confidence.

[toggle title=”Life Choices”]

Fathers influence the choices that children will make in their future relationships.

[toggle title=”School Retention”]

Involved fathers support children in remaining in school.


For more information and enrollment please contact Mykal Pemberton Male Involvement Specialist at or 609-331-4150