SHIP/MIPPA – English speaking – Cathy Forbes (cell) – 609 273 0588

SHIP/MIPPA – Spanish speaking – Cristaly Marmol (cell – messages picked up Mon/Wed/Fri) – 609 306 6767

BEC – English speaking only at present (will be English/Spanish from Jan 2022) – 609 477 9007

The office extension for SHIP/MIPPA is x215 – however clients are encouraged to call cell numbers on the voicemail message for faster response times.  If a client tells the front desk that they have not received a call back please do call me on 609 273 0588 and I will ensure that they receive a response.

Ocean CCR&R

Main Office732-557-9633

Inquiries: Monica Chanda, ext 111

Spanish speaking inquiries: Carmen Garcia, x 100

School Based Services

Louise McCants – 609-638-1556

Adoption/Birth Parent Counseling

Janine Cook, Birth Parent Counselor-609-203-4579

  • Available by cell phone to assist pregnant or parenting moms/dads who are struggling and/or interested in making an adoption plan.
  • Please have hospitals or social workers call Janine directly on her cell phone!

Kimberly Thompson, Adoption Specialist     (Part time)

  • Office hours Monday and Thursday 9-4    609-695-6274 Ext. 176

Aisha Harper, Search and Reunion/Adoption Specialist (Part time)

  • Office hours Monday and Thursday 9-330   609-695-6274 Ext.149

Valerie Fiorentino, Adoption Coordinator

  • Oversees Adoption, Background and Search, Birth Parent Counseling, and Foster Care programs
  • Office hours Monday and Thursday   609-695-6274 Ext. 107
  • Available by cell 609-802-1865
  • If Janine Cook is not available, please send birth parent calls to my cell phone.

Childhood Separation and Loss Program

or if calling with questions regarding clinical services for children in Mercer County or from one of the Care Management Organizations, I can be contacted at the main office at extension 159 or on my cell phone at 609-802-5213.  I do not have any bilingual staff or staff contact information to update

Mercer County WIC

Head Start

FSC South

FSC North

Maternal Child Health


Pamela  Cipriano

Director, Corporate Development and Volunteerism

Cell (732) 606-5601