CHSofNJ is now working remotely except in our feeding programs due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We have 45 lifesaving programs and serve 92 ,000 children and parents. We want to continue to work face to face from Facetime, Go To Meeting and Zoom with an overwhelmed parent or with a scared child who we may cheer up by reading a story or ask them to read to us. We have an immediate need for thirty more (30) laptops for our employees so they can keep in frequent communication from home with their at-risk clients. We have a kinship support group session for an hour every few days where elderly grandparents most at risk are sheltering at home with their young grandchildren they are raising. In those Zoom sessions they get to see and talk with their friends and fellow kin they know well and with their caring staff social worker to break their isolation, their depression and mostly their anxiety. We still give resource advice to be sure they continue to know how to get food and no eviction from their apartment. More staff with laptop computers from home allow more of our office staff to shelter at home and give their supportive critical services, including our counseling services. , but be there every day for their isolated clients.

In summary, these laptops for employees who only up to now had desktop computers, allow us to virtually connect by remote access, allowing staff to quickly communicate at any time of the day or night , face to face time with our at-risk clients.

Our hope is to provide a secure, caring environment that will promote our children and families ability to feel safe and get through this crisis period in America.

Thank you for helping us with our mission of Saving Children’s Lives and Building Healthy Families.

If you (individual/organization) would like to donate laptop(s)(new/older/used-with requirements listed below**), we are taking deliveries only at (location).

**List of requirements:

Windows 10 Pro (note laptops with Win 7 Pro if the hardware will work with Win 10 Pro)

RAM 8 Gb or higher

Hard Drive 500 Gb or higher

Share hardware specifications and we can check for you.
(if you are interested in shipping a computer contact Angela at 609-222-4770 or email