Kerry and Ryan

Hi there! We are Ryan and Kerry! Thank you for taking the time to check us out and consider us as the adoptive parents to your child! We’re so appreciative that you are exploring this route for your child and giving a family like ours a chance to expand!

We have been together for over eight years and married for five. We me through Ryan’s sister. After a failed attempt to get Katie to ask Kerry to come to a Jimmy Fallon show with them, we eventually saw each other out again. Ryan used the game Words with Friends to chat with Kerry through the game, where he asked her out and we’ve been together since. During our relationship we’ve traveled a lot, went to a lot of concerts and enjoying dating and each other’s company.


We got engaged in Central park and then both of our sisters and their spouses were at a restaurant to surprise us after! We married in July of 2014 in a Catholic church and then had an outside reception in the gardens of a beautiful old estate. We then took a once in a lifetime honeymoon to Europe. We toured 7 countries in 19 days! Travel is something that we love to do together and even though our current trips aren’t as exotic, we do try to go on a few little trips a year.

In July of 2015 we had our daughter Stella! She is our biological child and we are so extremely grateful that we were able to have her! She is such a ball of energy and she brings up so much joy and laughter. Parenting isn’t without its challenges but we look forward to what each new day will bring and giving her everything we may not have had and more!


Complications after Stella’s delivery ultimately led to infertility. Having PCOS, we weren’t’ even sure if we’d ever conceive at all, so it was amazing when we did so quickly but adoption was always something we’ve discussed. We went through multiple rounds of treatment, procedures and surgeries until it became clear we’d have to get much vigorous with our efforts to conceive again with no guarantee and we just felt adoption was the better fit for our family.

As a family we really enjoy being outdoors. We like to hike and kayak and try to check out the different local lakes. In the summer we spend a lot of time and Kerry’s parent’s pool with the cousins. Kerry’s aunt also has a house at the Jersey shore so we spend a lot of our time there as well. Another thing we really like to do with our daughter is go to different farms and pick whatever fruit and vegetables are in season. Our nieces like to come too and it’s just something fun to do outside.  Ryan’s parents live within walking distance and are our main daycare for when we both are working. They also watch our other niece and will be soon watching our new nephew.


Our family is diverse with many interracial couples and mixed children. We feel because of that and a diverse social circle, we can support a child of a different ethnicity then us and make sure their background is always honored as well has having people around to always make sure they feel understood. We also have friends that have adopted as well as friend who are adoptees to share our experience with.

Ryan’s job as a supervisor in a communications department for an insurance company is very flexible and he has the opportunity to work from home a lot. Kerry works as a massage therapist and birth doula which also gives her a lot of flexibility and her main focus is being home to raise our children. Stella is now in preschool so whatever child comes to us will have that same one on one time with Kerry that Stella was able to have in the first four years of her life.


Adoption is calling to us because we would love to provide a safe and loving home for a child and expand our family. We could go other routes and really pursue another biological child but we are not concerned with genetics. We’d love the opportunity to provide for a child that may not have the opportunity to thrive in another environment at the beginning of their life.

We’d like you to know that we are very honored that you have taken the time to learn a little bit more about us and are considering us for the adoptive parents of your child. We don’t take your decision to place your child lightly and understand how difficult it is. We’d really love to have an open adoption to while respecting your comfort level. We’d love to think of this babies biological family as an extension of our own and always keep them connected to who they are.