Kaitlin and Larry

Meet Our Family

Hello! We are Kaitlin and Larry, and we are so grateful to start our family through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile.

We are both theater artists. We met eleven years ago while working on a show. Larry is an actor, singer, director, and musician who plays 8 instruments! Kaitlin is a dramaturg: she works with playwrights to develop new plays, does research for productions, and connects communities to the arts. Both of our jobs allow us to work flexible hours, so between the two of us, we will be our child’s primary caregivers. (Plus Kaitlin’s parents who CANNOT WAIT to be grandparents!)

Our home is full of books, music, conversation, and great healthy food. We live in a diverse neighborhood in an engaged community with wonderful schools. We love being outside, and we have a fenced backyard and a park around the block. We both have large extended families who are so excited to welcome a child into our lives! Kaitlin’s mom is an early childhood educator with a specialty in early literacy, and we are both booklovers—so our future child already has an amazing library! We believe that every child deserves to see themselves reflected in the stories they encounter, so this library is full of books celebrating children from all backgrounds, cultures, and types of families.

We promise that you will always be a celebrated part of your child’s story. When we speak of “our” child, you will always be included in that word. We would love for your child to know you, but we know feelings are complex and situations change. That choice will be yours, and we will respect and honor that choice. But in either case, we promise you this:

We will love this child to the moon and back, and we will raise them to be a kind, responsible, empathetic person, who is confident in who they are, how deeply they are loved, and is eager to give that love back to the world.

Thank you for considering us!