Heritage South Family Success Center of CHSofNJ

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The Family Success Center-South Ward is a community-based, family-centered neighborhood gathering place where any community resident can go for family support, information and services. All services are Free and Confidential. The purpose of Family Success Parent Child Center-South Ward is to enrich the lives of children and adults by making families and neighborhoods stronger. We welcome grandparents raising grandchildren as well as caregivers.

The goals of Family Success Centers are to:

  • Promote family well-being
  • Link families to community services
  • Empower and support families
  • Provide culturally sensitive programs
  • Help families identify and build on their own strengths

Our Family Success Parent Child Center-South Ward adheres to the Principles of Family Support Practice for the delivery of all core and expanded services.

Interactive video of the Family Success Center Functions and more!

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Nurturing Programs:

  • Bebés Unidos Resultados Positivos (BURP) Program
  • Fun with Books and Music Program
  • Baby Care Basics
  • Community peer lactation consultants
  • Breast feeding support group
  • Mother’s nursing Room
  • Prenatal nutrition classes

Parenting & Child Development

  • CUNA Prenatal Health Education & Support Group Program
  • Parent Support Group
  • Prenatal clinics and social service agencies
  • Father Enrichment Program
  • Childbirth Classes

Parental Resilience

  • Mujeres, Amigas y Apoyo (MAYA) Mentoring Program
  • Financial Literacy Workshops
  • Individual & family counseling
  • Adult Literacy Program & Referrals

Social Connections

  • Latino Parenting Conference
  • Latino Advisory Committee
  • Parent Advisory/Leadership Committee

Concrete Support/Services for Parents

  • Family Resource Lounge
  • FREE Pregnancy Tests
  • Computer Classes
  • Food and Clothing Donations
  • Interpretation and Translation
  • Transportation & Meals during Group Activities


Don’t Get Evicted

GET PROTECTED FROM EVICTION. The #COVID19 eviction moratorium has ended, but the State of New Jersey has created a self-certification process for renters who experienced financial hardships due to #COVID19. To learn more and self-certify, visit: covid19.nj.gov/renter

PROTéjase CONTRA EL DESALOJO. Ya que finalizó la moratoria de desalojo #COVID19, el Estado de NJ ha establecido el procedimiento de autocertificación para inquilinos con problemas económicos por #COVID19. Para información y cómo autocertificarse, visite: covid19.nj.gov/es/renter

If you’re a NJ resident who is behind on your rent due to #COVID19, the State of New Jersey has a self-certification process to prevent you from being evicted. To find out more and fill out the form, visit covid19.nj.gov/renter

Si resides en NJ y tienes pagos atrasados del alquiler por #COVID19, el Estado de Nueva Jersey te ofrece ayuda contra el desalojo con el procedimiento de autocertificación. Para más información y cómo rellenar el formulario, visita covid19.nj.gov/es/renter

If you’re behind on your rent due to #COVID19, you may be eligible for protection from eviction, but you must self-certify with the State to get protected. To fill out the form, visit covid19.nj.gov/renter

Si tienes pagos atrasados del alquiler debido a la #COVID19, podrías ser elegible para protección contra el desalojo, pero primero tienes que autocertificarte con el Estado. Para llenar el formulario, visita covid19.nj.gov/es/renter

The State of New Jersey has created a process that can help prevent you from being evicted for nonpayment of rent due to the pandemic, but you must self-certify to be safe. For more info and to self-certify, visit covid19.nj.gov/renter

El Estado de Nueva Jersey tiene procedimientos para prevenir el desalojo si existen pagos atrasados del alquiler por la pandemia, pero debes autocertificarte para estar protegido. Para más información y cómo autocertificarte, visita covid19.nj.gov/es/renter

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