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What is the Mercer County GrandFamily Success Center?

The Mercer County GrandFamily Success Center is a community based center for grandparents and other family members who are raising their relative children. The Children’s Home Society has re-designed services for the Mercer County GrandFamily Success Center to focus more intensively on supporting the health and behavioral health of caregivers and children, while provide linkages to community services, providing supportive education groups and individual support.

Health Initiative of the GrandFamily Success Center

  • PROVIDE information, education and support
  • LINK families to community services, resources, and social supports
  • EMPOWER families to achieve stability
  • HELP kin caregivers to give their children a safe and stable home

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[toggle title=”Health Advocacy”]

  • Assistance with NJ Family Care applications
  • Linkage to Healthcare services
  • Assistance in accessing healthcare
  • Assistance in establishing a medical home/primary physician

[toggle title=”Health Education”]

  • Information about chronic disease
  • Providing information to understand medical treatment

[toggle title=”Behavioral Health”]

  • Supportive sessions with family and individuals
  • Stress management workshops

[toggle title=”Information and Referral Services”]

  • Linkage to housing services
  • Assistance with custody issues
  • Assistance with Social Security Applications
  • Assistance with education & school issues

[toggle title=”Parent Education & Support Groups”]

Coming Soon

[toggle title=”Youth Support Groups & Activities”]

Coming Soon

[toggle title=”Family Goal Planning”]

  • Support Sessions
  • Family Conferences

[toggle title=”Family Activities”]

  • Social Gatherings
  • Resource Fairs

[toggle title=”Advocacy”]

  • Kinship Caregiver Advisory Board

[toggle title=”Kinship Services”]

For children unable to remain with their parents, often the safest and most reassuring environment for them is with their caring grandparents or other extended family members whom they know, love and trust. Through our Kinship programs, we help grandparents and other relatives who have undertaken the responsibility of raising their kin children find resources for medical coverage, housing, child care, educational issues, legal issues, and family support.

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Grandfamily Center Brochure


Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Saturdays and Evening hours (as scheduled)

168 Franklin Corner Road

Building 1, Suite 220

Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

(609) 895-0283

(Our office is on the 2nd floor. Elevator available)

Dolores Bryant

Director of Kinship Services

Ext. 131

Mercedes Gutierrez, MD

Health Advocate/Supervisor

Ext. 129

Allison Taite-Tarver, MAT, MSS

Social Worker

Ext. 133

Alice Lightner

Caregiver Specialist

Ext. 132

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