Amazon Smile

By simply logging in to Amazon Smile, you can support CHSofNJ by shopping as you normally would on! Visit to set up your free Amazon Smile account today!

Angels Passing Through

Author Peter Mastrantuono has pledged 25% of the net proceeds from his book ‘Angels Passing Through’ to CHSofNJ to help our babies, children and foster families!

Mastrantuono’s beautifully written book perfectly captures the point of view of a biological child growing up in a foster family. Click here to purchase ‘Angels Passing Through’ on Amazon. And if you haven’t already registered for Amazon Smile, sign-up today to support CHSofNJ by shopping as you normally would on! Visit to set up your free Amazon Smile account!

Rite Aid’s KidCents

Imagine the change your small change can make! Now at Rite Aid Stores, wellness+ with Plenti members can “round up” their purchases to the nearest dollar to benefit The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey! It’s easy; just sign into your wellness+ with Plenti account at and choose to donate the spare change from your Rite Aid purchases to CHSofNJ babies and children! Every penny counts, and so does every child. Join Rite Aid and The Rite Aid Foundation today in making a difference in the lives of local at-risk children each time you shop with your wellness+ with Plenti card.


Do you shop at McCaffrey’s Supermarket? If you do, mail your receipts to CHSofNJ! McCaffrey’s will donate 1% of the total sale for every receipt turned in to CHSofNJ. So, the next time you write your grocery list, be sure to add a reminder to mail your McCaffrey’s receipt to CHSofNJ Development Team at 635 S. Clinton Avenue in Trenton NJ 08611. Your everyday purchases can help save children’s lives and build healthy families!


Planned gifts such as bequests, life insurance, or gifts of securities can help ensure the continuation of services to at-risk infants and children and may further your own financial goals. We recommend consulting your own tax professional or legal advisor prior to making such a gift.


A bequest is simply a gift made through a will. One of the chief advantages of a bequest is that it allows you to make a significant gift without impacting your current financial situation. You can establish a lasting legacy adding a codicil to your present will or including CHSofNJ in your revocable trust.   You can make a significant gift through a bequest in one of four ways:

  • Designating a specific amount (this gives you the opportunity to determine the exact size of your gift)
  • Designating a specific property (you may wish to leave a particular piece of real estate or personal property to CHSofNJ)
  • Designating a percentage of your estate (through this method you can provide for a gift that will adjust with your estate’s growth or decline)
  • Designating all or a part of what remains of your estate after all costs, taxes, and other bequests are made

You can also make The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey a contingent beneficiary. This means that CHSofNJ would receive a gift from your will in the event that those beneficiaries you have named do not survive you.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are assets that expand to many times their original value because premiums for many of them never amount to the size of their death benefits. Thus, they enable donors a way to make a major gift at a very low cost. You can make a gift of life insurance through one of the following methods:

  • You can donate an existing policy. As long as the rights of ownership are transferred, you will receive an income tax deduction roughly equal to the cash surrender value of the policy.
  • You can give a new policy. By paying the annual premium, you receive an income tax reduction for your gift while guaranteeing that CHSofNJ will receive a significant donation upon your death.
  • You can name The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey as your successor beneficiary. CHSofNJ would receive the death benefit in the event your original beneficiary dies before you.

Gift of Securities 

A gift of securities that has appreciated in value and which you have held for more than one year will provide you with a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the asset. In addition, you avoid federal capital gains taxes that would otherwise be due on the sale of the securities. For more information about planned giving or other donation inquiries, please contact (609) 695-6274.