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CHSofNJ has over 100 years of expertise in adoption and since 1894 we have placed thousands of children with adoptive families. We are committed to working with birthparents of all backgrounds to help them to make a plan for the care of their child, and when that plan is adoption we work diligently to place the child with a permanent and loving adoptive family. We welcome adoptive families of all races, religions, ancestries, national origins, ages, sexual orientations, and genders, as long as at their core is their ability to love, care for, and support a child. CHSofNJ will offer our support and professional assistance from the application process through your adoption finalization. We believe that adoption is a lifelong process, and our services are designed to support families for the long term.

Our list of waiting families is now full. Applicants can join the wait list and will be contacted when the agency begins accepting applications for domestic adoption. There is a wait list fee of $100 which is non-refundable and will be applied to the application fee when the application is accepted.   If you would like more information or are interested in applying, please review our Frequently Asked Questions below and complete our Online inquiry. Our adoption services are available to residents of New Jersey, Bucks County PA, and the area of Montgomery County PA that borders eastern Bucks County.

Adoption Inquiry Form

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[toggle title=”What is the process to become an adoptive parent?”]

1. Complete the on line request for more information
2. Consult with one of our adoption specialists to determine if adoption is right for your family
3. Submit the adoption application
4. Complete an adoption home study and required training
5. After placement of a child, complete post-placement supervision visits and court finalization.

[toggle title=”What is a Home Study? And what does the process entail?”]

The primary purpose of the home study is to evaluate adoptive applicant’s potential for parenthood and their ability to accept a child as an integral part of their family on a permanent and legal basis. This process assists the applicant in understanding the nature of adoption and its inherent challenges and is legally required as part of the adoption process.
The adoption study consists of an intake interview with the family, one individual interview with each person, a minimum of one home visit, and one or more joint interviews. Children of the perspective adoptive family must be interviewed as well as any other member of the household. Medical and financial statements are required, employment is verified, and three personal references are required. A school/day care reference is required, if the applicant already has a child. Documents to be verified include: birth certificates, marriage license, and divorce decree (if applicable). State and Federal fingerprint clearances, Local Police Check clearance, Child Abuse Registry clearances, and Motor Vehicle abstracts are required for the adoptive applicants and all household members 18 years of age and older.

[toggle title=”What are the fees for adoption?”]

CHSofNJ has set fees for each service related to the adoption process and we offer a sliding scale placement fee to make adoption affordable and accessible to as many families as possible. To see our current fees please see downloadable form and access the Adoption Fee Scale.

[toggle title=”If I am single, can I apply to adopt?”]

Applications are accepted from single persons. The single applicant must meet the same home study requirements as married couples.

[toggle title=”Are there health requirements to become an adoptive parent?”]

The Agency considers good emotional and physical health a prerequisite for adoption. Any atypical health situation will be considered on an individual basis. Medical information regarding any health situation will be requested and assessed on an individual basis.

[toggle title=”Is there an age requirement for adoption?”]

Minimum age requirement is 21 years old. The adoptive parent must be at least 10 years older than the child to be adopted. There is not a maximum age for adoptive parents but birth parents frequently select the adoptive parents and often show a preference for younger applicants. The age at the time of application will be considered on an individual basis. The applicant’s ability to appropriately parent and care for a young child into adult will be assessed.

[toggle title=”Is there an income requirement?”]

The Agency has no specific requirement as to the amount of income or savings one must have; however, it does require that a family have adequate economic stability and security to raise a child. This is assessed as part of the home study.

[toggle title=”Is home ownership required?”]

Home ownership is not required, although adequate and safe housing is necessary.

[toggle title=”Can I apply for adoption if I have other adopted or biological children?”]

Applications for adoption are accepted from singles or couples who have biological children, or who have previously adopted.

[toggle title=”Does the agency facilitate open adoption?”]

CHSofNJ facilitates both semi-open and open adoption. Open adoptions vary according to the wishes of all parties involved. In many open adoptions, the birth parents participate in the selection of the adoptive parents from the agency’s approved families. Some parents choose to meet face to face without exchanging last names. Before a child’s placement, the degree of future contact is discussed and agreed upon. Contact may include photographs and or progress reports, which are typically sent annually through the agency.

[toggle title=”Once my home study is approved, how long will I wait for a child?”]

Once you are approved as an adoptive family, you will be placed on our wait list. When a child is considered for possible placement with your family, your adoption worker will contact you and share with you all available information about the child and his or her background, except identifying information. Often times the birth parents select a waiting family for their child. Your wait time may depend on your levels of acceptance of a child.
If you have further questions please e-mail us at Adoption@CHSofNJ.org.

Adoption Fee Scale
Service Agreement between CHSofNJ and Adoptive Families
• Home Study Only Services are provided for families who are working with birth parents, attorneys, or another Licensed Non-Profit Adoption Agencies for the placement of a child. These services are being provided in compliance with all State, Federal, and Adoption Licensing statutes and regulations.

• Identified Adoption Services are provided to families who have been identified by the child’s birth parent(s) as his or her potential adoptive parents.

• Adoption Home Studies in Cooperation with the Interstate Compact forthe Placement of Childrenare provided to families adopting privately from another state. CHS of NJ follows and fulfills the requirement of the sending and receiving States and all State, Federal, and Adoption Licensing statutes and regulations.

• Adoption Complaint Investigations are provided when CHS of NJ has been ordered by the Court to do so. An ACI is ordered when there has been a petition for adoption by a person/family who has received a child through a non-agency placement, such as a stepparent, grandparent or other relative, or non-related person/family. A report, including the recommendation for the approval of the adoption, is prepared and submitted to the Court regarding the findings of the investigation. An Adoption Home Study is also conducted when required by State Adoption laws and Adoption Licensing regulations.

• Adoption Post-Placement Supervision Services of the child in the adoptive home are provided, according to State, Federal, and Adoption Licensing statutes and regulations, when requested by the Court (Next Friend Supervision), by the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children, or by another licensed non-profit Adoption Agency.

• Criminal History/Child Abuse Clearances Only are referred through New Jersey County Surrogate Offices for step-parent and relative adoptions. When this request is made, the required documents are sent to the family. After the results are received an affidavit is written and sent to the requesting Surrogate’s Office.

• Adoption Placement Services is the placement of a child from CHSofNJ’s Birth Parent Counseling Program or its Infant Foster Care Program with a waiting adoptive family. The fee for this placement is 15% of the adoptive family’s last reported gross annual income with floor of $10,800.00 and a ceiling of $32,500.00.

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