Meet Our Family

Hello, we are Dave, Shannon and Miranda. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our family. We understand that this is a difficult decision for you.
Becoming parents through the adoption of our daughter Miranda in 2016 was an incredible gift and has made us want to expand our family and adopt again. As a couple, we have been together for more than half our lives. We love to spend time together as a family, whether it is playing games, spending time outside, dining out, introducing Miranda to new food and cultures, and being with our extended family. Holidays are hosted at our house with our parents, siblings, nephews and close friends.

Dave is retired from the municipal sewer department and the fire department and is now a stay-at-home dad. He enjoys his time with Miranda during the day. Shannon is an IT Project Manager and works close to home. She shares her love of cooking and baking with Miranda. We both love the daily laughter and tears that come with parenting as well as the time we get to spend with Miranda, reading, bath time, playtime, bedtime, meals and just being her parents. We look forward to sharing this with another child. Miranda is a smart, adventurous little girl who looks forward to being a big sister someday.