Central Intake

What is Central Intake?

Central Intake is a central location within a region where a referral specialist(s) will be available

to refer and link women of child bearing age (15-44 years of age as defined by CDC) and caregivers of young children (0 to 5) to needed services within the region. The referral specialists works closely with the community health workers within their county. 

How do I sign up for Central Intake?

Women of childbearing age and caregivers of young children needing services can contact our Central Intake Bilingual Resource Specialist at 1-877-352-7843 or via email at CIMO@CHSOFNJ.org.  Providers can also fax information to 732-475-7734.

What type of information, referrals and resources can Central Intake provide?

  • Preconception Services
  • Prenatal Services
  • Postnatal Services
  • Housing
  • Health insurance
  • Affordable childcare
  • Transportation
  • Home visiting programs
  • Resources and more

Choresse Chambers-Blue, MSHS, MPC

Program Administrator (Ocean & Monmouth Counties)
Cell Phone (609) 477-9955

Miranda Garcia
Bilingual Central Intake Resource Specialist