Meet Our Family

“Hello There”

Our names are Anna & Margaret but really there is so much more to us then our names and we like to share a little bit about us in this short profile. We hope you enjoy reading it. We would love to get to know you better as well and we already think you are pretty brave and with the world on your shoulders, we would like to offer you, hopefully some comfort.
About us:
We met in 1994 in New York City; we reconnected years later after seeing each other on dating site. On November 8, 2003 we both knew from that moment, this was it. We wasted no time and within 8 months bought our first townhouse together in New Jersey. We both adore each other’s company and our relationship just flows together really well. On September 20, 2015 we were finally able to marry each other and we had a pretty awesome wedding with family and close friends at a fancy Italian wedding Venue in New Jersey, “That we both picked”. We are both Italian so the food was pretty important to us and it had to be, oh so delish.
Family Life & Careers:
We are two women with a lot of love to give and a true desire to grow our family. We love to garden and landscape. We are both very handy and enjoy taking on any project, we designed and built walk-in closets in our last home. Anna was a licensed cosmetologist for 30 years and is currently with Weichert Realty applying for her real estate license, so she can work from home and still be able to care for a newborn. She’s an excellent cook and thrives on just about everything she makes and loves to come up with new recipes. She makes many dishes and her meatballs are so yummy. That’s from her mom’s secret recipe. Anna is also super creative and can make and design just about anything. Margaret has been with the NYC Housing Authority for the last 27 years as Administrative Housing Development Specialist within NYC project based management unit. She is excellent with mathematics and numbers. Margaret loves to make amazing breakfast as well her veggie omelets, which are to die for. We love spending our free time with our 2 cute dogs- Grace at 5 pounds and Dakota at 15 pounds. They are both very sweet/friendly and they love to give kisses. We take them for short/long walks around the neighborhood and Parks. On weekends we venture out with trips to NYC, beaches, trying new restaurants, (nothing is better than finding our favorite food), and going to local farmers markets,” we just can’t live without fresh veggies”. But we also like spending time at home as well. We enjoy sports and we both like the New York Giants/Yankees. We LOVE holidays and are very big on traditions we enjoy spending time with family we both come from Italian backgrounds and have large families. We have celebrated every holiday and will never forget all the blessings we have. We hope to share that with a little girl someday, which we will cherish. How can I better explain our life? Life is just fun and easy we have so many fond memories we made and with a little girl we believe she would be secure in all that we have to offer her. She would be loved and appreciated.
Home and Community:
We own a new 4 bedroom home with a loft kid’s play area. We are in the process of designing the bedroom and the play area. There is plenty of room to share it with a little one. Our home sits on a corner lot and the yard has plenty of room to play. We moved in August of 2018 and we really LOVE it here in Ocean County, New Jersey. We are a hop, skip and a jump away from one the best beaches in New Jersey. The neighborhood is safe and has a lot of diversity. There are a lot of community events and festivals in the area and large parks with swing sets. The surrounding areas have many amusement parks with rides. Our area has large department stores to shop and plenty of great food. The school is nearby and the school system is rated very well.
Family & Friends:
Anna’s dad lives five minutes away from our new home and her three sisters, niece and nephew all live within a half hour from us. Margaret has two cousins that are like her sisters and we attend many holidays at their home. Anna was born In Central New Jersey and has a lot of friends in the area and Margaret was born in Brooklyn, New York. One of her childhood friends just moved two blocks away.
Our Values:
We are dedicated, honest, lovable, and loyal to each other. We respect each other’s opinions and will sacrifice to make sure we both have each other’s best interest at hand. We would instill the same values in our child or children. We believe that with true patience and lots of hugs and kisses our child will be raised in a well-rounded home. We will love her to the moon and back. We strongly believe in the importance of education and teaching children to work hard and be successful. We will encourage her to be active, and to explore and discover her passions, whether her interests are sports, music, art, dance, whatever her heart desires. We will be right there beside her every step of the way supporting her.
Message from Anna about Margaret:
Margaret would make an amazing mother, her patience and loyalty is like no other I have ever known. Her desire and drive are something I always admired. She is very easy to love and I really love her with all my heart. Everyone that’s knows her thinks the world of her and so do I. She’s a genuine woman.
Message from Margaret to Anna:
Anna is very warm, nurturing and loving; I feel she would make a great mom. She loves to pamper. She’s a great communicator and what I admire about her most is her honestly. She’s very affectionate and treats me very well. I can’t say enough about her, she’s one of a kind and down to earth.
Birth Mother:
We know this is a hard choice to make and we truly believe it takes one day at a time and life will only get better. We would be honored to get to know you. Thank you for taking the time to read about us, we wish you nothing but the best. Just know if you need us, we are here.
With Warmest Wishes,
Anna & Margaret