Our Adoptive Waiting Families

Anna & Margaret

“Hello There”

“Where there is Love there is Life” 

We would love to get to know you better and we already think you are pretty brave and with the world on your shoulders, we would like to offer you, hopefully some comfort.  We truly have a lot of love to give and a true desire to grow our family through adoption. 

About us: We met in 1994 in NYC; we connected years later after seeing each other on dating  site. We have been together 17 1/2 years. We both adore each other’s company and our  relationship just flows together really well. On September 20, 2015 we were finally able to  marry each other because marriage equality became legal.  

Family Life & Careers: Anna is a New jersey Licensed Realtor. She’s an excellent cook and  thrives on just about everything she makes and loves to come up with new recipes. Anna is  also super creative. Margaret is fulltime working from home and has been with the NYC  Housing Authority for the last 29 years as a Housing Development Specialist within NYC project based management unit. We are both very handy and enjoy taking on any project. In our free  time we have these 2 cute dogs- Grace at 5 pounds and the other is Dakota at 15 pounds, they  are both very sweet/friendly we enjoy our time with them and they are definitely are fur  babies. We take them for short/long walks around the neighborhood and Parks. On weekends  we venture out with trips to NYC, beaches, trying new restaurants, stopping at local farmers  markets. But we also LOVE spending time at home as well and having family and friends over  for BBQs and get togethers. We LOVE the holidays and enjoy vacationing. We hope to share  that with a child someday, which we will cherish. She or he would be loved and appreciated we  would give them the attention they need and the security of a loving home. 

Home and Community: We own a pretty home with a loft kid’s play area. We are in the  process of designing the nursery. We really love it here. We live in a suburb; we are 10 minutes 

from one the best beaches in New Jersey. The family neighborhood is safe and has a lot of  diversity. There are a lot of community events and festivals in the area and large parks with  swing sets. The surrounding areas have many amusement parks with rides, large department  stores and shops and plenty of great food. The school is nearby and is rated very well. 

Family & Friends: We have family and friends that all live close by and we have many get  togethers as well as holiday gatherings. One of our childhood friends just moved blocks away. 

Our Valves: We are dedicated, honest, lovable, and loyal. We respect each other’s opinions.  We would instill the same values in your child. We believe that with true patience and lots of  hugs, kisses and guidance your child will be raised in a well-rounded home. We strongly believe  in the importance of education and teaching children to work hard and be successful. We will  encourage and support them to be active, and to explore and discover their passions, whether  their interests are sports, music, art or dance. 

Why we choose to Adoption: We felt strongly about becoming moms and always wanted a  family but mostly importantly we felt that adoption was such an amazing fulfilling journey. We  pray our wishes come true. 

Birthmother: We know this is a hard choice to make and we truly believe it takes one day at a  time and life will come together. We would be so incredibly honored to get to know you and  your baby. Thank you for taking the time to read about us.  

With Warmest Wishes, 

Anna & Margaret

Hans & Justin

The Perfect Nursery
“Well, this looks like it would make a wonderful nursery,” said our friend Janeece with a wink as she scanned the small, third bedroom of our new house. The two of us nervously smiled and agreed with her that it would. We had just moved to a small town in North Jersey after living in the city for over a decade and we were giving her a tour. Janeece is Hans’ childhood friend from Michigan. Ever since we met in the fall of 2006, she started asking us when we were going to move to New Jersey and raise a child. 

We had talked about having children. It came up fairly early in our relationship and the subject lingered, almost silently between us, like a book on the shelf you’ve been meaning to read for years. When we went looking for houses, we never outright said “we’re going to find the place where we can raise a family,” yet it was clearly on both our minds as one of our goals. We’ve been together 14 years. In that time we’ve shared our space together with our dog, got married surrounded by family and bought a house. But we know something is missing. We’ve been in our house for two years now, and we decided that it was time to immerse ourselves in a new part of our story… the chapter in which you appear.

On Music and Us

A young music teacher in New York City with no Friday night plans, has a colleague who says, “Hey, I have an extra ticket to this concert tonight. Do you want to come?” 

That was how we met on October 13th, 2006. There was a concert at the Bowery Ballroom and by pure chance we both happened to be there. We left that concert together (the first of many!) and have been inseparable since. We share a passion for music. Justin is an avid Indie music fan with an ever-expanding vinyl record collection. Hans studied classical music (vocal performance), plays guitar, composes and sings in the church choir. While we have our own unique tastes, there is enough overlap between us to keep it interesting. Music is a huge part, if not the most fundamental aspect of our connection. And, as the first thing that connected us, it will be something we pass on to the children we raise. 

On Food, Friends, & Family

Justin has many talents. He is a good cook… no, a great cook! with an ability to whip things together on a dime or create a gourmet dinner in a heartbeat. He does the majority of the cooking. Hans cooks too, but not with his efficiency. We have dinner together every night. Any child that is in our home–our own, a cousin, niece, nephew, friend– can expect a full belly of delicious food. We also have a backyard garden, so each spring there is a surplus of Justin’s canned preserves: various berry jams, pickled onions & cucumbers, salsa and pasta sauce from our endless supply of tomatoes. We even grew pumpkins this year! In addition to eating them ourselves, these little jars of love are gifted to neighbors and friends. They are shipped to Virginia, where Justin’s Mom and grandparents live, and to Hans’ parents in Alabama.

Our family ties are just as important to us to preserve. We both grew up in homes with strong identities. Justin has a strong bond with his sister, Allison, who lives with her partner and four children just over an hour away in Bethlehem, PA. We visit with them often and we have been an integral part of our nephews and nieces’ lives. Hans has two older brothers who live a bit farther afield in Michigan. Nevertheless, their kids are equally important to us. Since they are all teenagers now, I think they are extra-excited at the idea of having a baby cousin. 

Our House In the Middle of a Street

Two years ago, we bought a modest Dutch Colonial in a charming small town in Essex County, New Jersey. Our neighborhood is a diverse, tight-knit community, both physically (we have a shared driveway with our neighbor) and socially. We are especially very close with our next door neighbors. They moved in just two weeks after us and have a 3 year old daughter, with a son on the way. We and they both have friends with kids in the area, but we are all very excited at the prospect of our kids literally growing up together: playing in our yards together, walking to the Elementary school down the street together, Halloweens, birthdays, the whole shebang. 

We chose this area specifically for its diversity, proximity to close friends, many of whom work in the performing arts. We also know young people that have grown or are growing up here. We see that a kid that grows up here has access to a good education and system of support in which, no matter their background, they can see positive reflections of themselves. 

What Hans Does

Hans recently started a new job working with Kindergartners at an incredible school about 8 miles from our house. He is also an experienced music teacher with a Master’s degree in Voice. When he is not doing that you can find him engaged in any number of the following activities: reading a book, watching TV, singing with his church choir, singing anywhere, composing music, painting a room, refinishing a piece of furniture, playing with our dog, Neko, doing lawn work, or interrupting Justin at his work.

What Justin Does

Justin is the Director of Media Planning for an advertising agency in New York, (though he is currently–and for the foreseeable future–working from home, and thankful for it.) When he is not doing that you can find him in one of the following scenarios: in the garden, in the garage prepping to garden, in the basement growing seedlings to plant in the garden next season, in the kitchen processing food from the garden, cooking dinner, or experimenting with pie crust, avoiding interruptions from Hans and/or Neko. 

Together, Justin and Hans (and sometimes Neko):

  • Like to travel and take road trips to interesting places, both alone together and with family and/or friends
  • Enjoy Holiday traditions like Thanksgiving and Christmas, especially with family, and escaping for 3 day weekends to camp, hike, or sit by the pool at Allison’s house.
  • Love planning special times with our nieces & nephews. We try to make time for each one. 
  • Do not miss living in a 5th floor walk-up in NYC, especially Neko who is 13. 
  • Incidentally, Neko likes:
    • Hoarding and playing with her tennis balls (she currently has five)
    • Going for walks, running, and hiking when her legs aren’t tired
    • Licking up food messes
    • Giving kisses (we’ve recently discovered she likes to kiss baby feet and hands)
  • Love to relax by the fire on cold nights

What This All Amounts to

Despite our best efforts, it’s impossible to give you a full picture of what kind of people we are, what kind of family we have and, most importantly, what kind of life your child will have in our care. All we can say is that we are two of the most responsible, capable, and loving people you will meet. We have been preparing for this journey for ages and we want to share that journey with you, as much as you are able. We have no idea what has brought you here or where you are going from here. Nor can we fathom how this decision must feel for you. We can only tell you that your gift to the world will be our treasure to share. And in our care, they will grow in a home filled with stories told in the firelight’s warm glow, laughter around a crowded dining table, songs sung at the tops of our voices, and love, and love, and then more love. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We are so grateful to start this new chapter of our life with you. 

–Hans & Justin 

Louis and Nicholas

Eight years ago when we started our lives together, we spoke casually of what this moment would look like and how we would become dads… The crazy part writing this now is that it’s one step closer to making it a reality.  We knew that our top choice was always going to be adoption. 

We have to say, writing this is interesting, and we can’t imagine how reading it will feel.  Clearly, the connection between you and us is so much more important than a quick profile. We cannot begin to understand the emotions that go into such an important decision.  What we do know is, is that this is a gift to us and our family that means more than words and photographs.  So thank you for making it this far and taking the time to consider us. 

Speaking of 8 years ago… it’s crazy to even write because time has flown by…

We started off very typical for two gay men dating in the NYC/NJ area. Having some appetizers and conversation and next thing we knew we couldn’t get rid of each other! In our defense, we had a great connection. We laughed for hours. And, if we remember correctly, way before our first date was over, Nick already had asked for a second date.  

It was the beginning of spring, we both worked in Manhattan and lived in NJ, so we took advantage of the weather and shared the enjoyment of just being in the city. The more we did together the more we connected. Laughter is at the core of our connection. Our sense of humor, our understanding of sarcasm and the ability to find humor/joy in situations was something we both knew was rare to find in someone else.  Around the jokes, we both started to learn more and more about the man we would one day call husband.  Of course, there were all the basic facts that come along with getting to know someone, like Nick being a lawyer who really wanted to be a photographer and being an animal lover .  And of course his love of scary movies (good or bad).  

As we grew closer, Lou got to witness Nick’s relationship with his, at the time, 8 year old nephew when we visited Nick’s family in Pennsylvania. Nick lit up in a completely different way for his nephew. Nick’s nephew was and still is just as excited to see his uncle. From that moment on, Lou saw Nick as the dad he would one day get to be and that actually cemented a lot for their relationship. Lou knew that this was someone I could laugh, love and raise children with until we were both old and annoying. 

For Nick, Lou had the benefit of being from NJ and living a lot closer to his immediate family.  So Nick got see his retail buyer boyfriend interact with them more frequently.  Nick quickly realized that humor and sarcasm was pretty much how he communicated with his family.  Nick also got to see firsthand how the expression “family first” was not only something that was said but was also shown in their interactions. 

Lou’s relationship with his niece was not exactly the same as Nick and his nephew, because his niece was already 19 when Nick first met her. The little girl that used to instantly fall asleep on him was working at the mall, going to school and “too cool” for her uncle. Nick did get to see Lou more with his close friends and their kids as it seemed to be someone was having a baby every year. 

Nick will tell you he knew he always wanted kids. Lou on the other hand, was hesitant when he was younger because he didn’t want to get his hopes up knowing that he was gay and that he may not get the chance. One day that changed when he was home on a weekend downloading music.  He was searching and playing all kinds of music that he grew up with and was passed down from his parents and extended family. At that moment, it hit him… he wanted to be a dad! The things that have been passed down to him were the greatest gifts he had ever received – his huge love of music, his creativity, memories, experiences and laughter. He realized becoming a dad is a gift and an honor and a chance to do what was done for him and pass all this on to a child.

One thing Lou can’t pass on, is cooking.  Don’t get us wrong, he has tried it and he can make some dishes (mostly soups), but he just doesn’t see how people love it.  In fact, some may even say he keeps sweaters in the oven for extra storage.  Luckily, It’s just another thing he benefitted from when falling for Nick – Nick loves to cook.  However, Lou does bring cleaning to the table and the next level.  He can clean and rearrange/redecorate a room for hours and he finds it all to be relaxing. So we balance each other out that way.

More about our family as it is today.  We have two rescue dogs that are the most lovable and adorable you can find (we are bias). Reece, who just turned 11 years old, has energy just like he did when he was 5 months old and his brother Pope, who just turned 9, wants nothing more than to be next to people and see what going on.  They have been spoiled rotten even more so this past year with the pandemic because they have both dads working from home.  Both are great around babies and children. 

Speaking of work, so like we mentioned, Nick is an attorney who has specialized in medical malpractice. For the last few years, he has been working on the insurance side of things.  He works from home 5 days a week now and for the foreseeable future. While Lou works as a category director for consumer products. Lou get to be creative in both fun products and running a business.  Lou currently works from home, and will be eventually returning to the office 3 days a week.  We see the silver lining this year because we will get to spend even more time with the baby than we would have given the huge change in the world.  We are so grateful as well, because we live extremely close to Lou’s parents, who have both retired in recent years and are so excited for a new grand baby.  Lou’s parents have been married 50+ years and set the bar high for loving couples and defining family. Nick’s mom is a retired ER nurse who will be visiting from Pennsylvania more and more when they baby comes.

So when the world isn’t shut down what do we like to do?  So one thing that is important to both of us is being active and working out. We both try to get physical activity in everyday for at least 30 minutes. That could be as simple as walking the dogs or as much as the at home gym Nick has now built since the gyms shut down.  When we aren’t doing any of the above, we love traveling and vacationing, that’s everything from a ski weekend, to day trip, to getting on a plane and going to experience a new country. In the summer months, we try and spend one day a weekend (at least) down at the Jersey shore and we can be happy window shopping at a mall in the winter or keeping the couch cozy with the dogs.  

Friendships are also a big part of who we are as a couple and individuals, even though over the years our circle isn’t as big as it once was, the love, memories and support are things we truly appreciate and cherish.  We plan on leveraging our friends for so many things like parenting advice, different perspective and just connections from family to family.

While we have all these great thing going for us, there is one thing missing – a child.  

From first conversations about children, we both immediately said “Well two dads can’t make a baby, so how are we going to do it?” We are two men, so conceiving isn’t an option (obviously, haha). We decided on adoption because we understand that there are mothers looking for good homes for their child and we have a home full of love, laughter, traditions and experiences.  Just from that, it is the only choice we could make.  We know we will love the child with everything we are and everything we have.  In a way, we are lucky because we don’t have the pressure to the “when do we tell the child about their adoption?”  The child will eventually start to question why they have two dads and we will have to begin to educate them about how they came to us.  There will be so many questions throughout their life and we will take each one on with honesty and take pride in educating ourselves together for any of the questions that we do not know the answer.

Again, while we cannot imagine what the other side of this profile is thinking or feeling, we want to thank you for making this step to consider us. We are honored to be considered for this next step of our lives and building our family.

Vinnie and Shannon

Dear Expectant Mother, 

We picture you reading this letter and we are flooded with emotion. Honestly, we wish we could just sit next to you and give you a hug. The road that has led you to this decision has no doubt been incredibly difficult. As you prepare to bring a precious life into this world, we want you to know how incredibly BRAVE we think you are. Choosing adoption is selfless and courageous. Your baby should grow up knowing how brave you are!

We’re so grateful that you’re reading our letter and we hope that you get an honest, clear understanding of who we are and the life we live.  

About Us

First, how did we become who we are today? Here begins the story of us…

Vincent, affectionately known as Vinnie to his friends, was born in the country of Guyana and grew up living on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. Vinnie and his family then moved to Northern New Jersey when he was 8 years old.  He is a true New Jersey guy, and ‘has a guy’ for anything anyone might need. Professionally, Vinnie is a General Manager for an auto body shop. He is the fourth born of five children. His parents will be celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this coming January and are still in love.

His family is very close-knit, hardworking, and FULL of joy. The family gets together often and it’s fun, loud and there is always great music playing. The family embodies kindness and so the saying is certainly true that ‘nobody is a stranger’. It is also true that any family gathering there is always plenty of food for everyone! There are three girl cousins that are a part of the family as well, all are excited to have a baby cousin and are ready to play. There is one in particular – Vinnie’s sister’s 7 year old daughter – that is ready to be the best playmate ever! 

Shannon was born and raised in the great city of Sacramento, California.  Unlike Vinnie, Shannon grew up in a divorced home but was blessed with amazing friends who had families that treated her like she was their own! Shannon has a half-brother that is fifteen years younger, despite their age difference they are very close…matching tattoos and all!  Shannon’s Dad has remarried, and they live in Arizona. Both Shannon’s dad and stepmom Faith are over the moon excited about Vinnie and Shannon adopting a baby into the family! Faith is already starting to buy diapers and baby items because she is so excited, and they are on standby to come to NJ to help welcome the baby!  

In regards to Shannon’s professional background and career, she has a Master of Arts in Counseling. She has a background in counseling but uses her degree in unique ways in the field of cosmetics. Shannon does a lot of professional speaking and training. One of her favorite aspects of her job is speaking into women and empowering them to be who they were created to be. Her role in the cosmetic industry allows her the opportunity to be able to help women feel their most beautiful selves, and she believes that it first begins from within. Shannon’s job used to take her all over the world, but due to the Covid pandemic her job has transitioned significantly and she is able to almost completely work from home. As previously mentioned, Shannon is originally from California, it was in 2015 that she got an incredible opportunity to take her current job in Jersey City that she couldn’t pass up! She has been working for the same major cosmetics company since then. Her move to New Jersey is what opened the door for her and Vinnie to meet.

When Two Lives Became One

So, how did we get to where we are today? Our story started with a persistent man, and a woman’s move all the way across the country.

After Shannon moved to the New Jersey area, a friend of hers reminded her to change her zip code on Match.com and within 24 hrs. she had a ‘wink’ from Vinnie. Although it wasn’t an instant match there were many texts, phone calls, dates and breaks before the timing was right! If you were to ask Vinnie what made him know that Shannon was the one he would tell you that it was her smile, her positive outlook on life, and her beautiful heart. Shannon would tell you that it was Vinnie’s fun loving, laid back personality that drew her to him. She loved that he is family oriented and always cracking a joke!

In the fall of 2018, Vinnie and Shannon tied the knot in front of family and friends on a boat during a nor’easter storm! The day of the wedding there were a lot of details that went wrong, but it was certainly a day that they will tell stories to their children about! Although the day itself didn’t go as planned, their marriage has been the very best thing to happen to both of them. 

Why Adoption?

We both talked a lot about how excited we were to be parents. At the beginning of our marriage we tried to get pregnant. After months of trying and a lot of doctor visits we were still unable to conceive. We are so grateful for our lives and our marriage that we decided to focus on traveling and adventuring. We did things like buy electric bikes, and get another dog and tried to focus on being grateful for the life we have. We continue to be grateful, but the desire we have to be parents and to share our lives with a child is undeniable. Adoption has always been on the table, we talked a lot about adopting before we were even married. We are so excited to be parents. We know that God knows the desires of our hearts and we know that it will be his way, and his timing that leads us to the child he has for us. We believe he will answer our prayers. We are pursuing adoption with great excitement and joy, we do not believe it is our Plan B – we believe it is God’s perfect plan. 

Our lives together

We have a beautiful two story four bedroom and two and a half bath home in Northern New Jersey.  Our home is at the end of a long driveway and since we moved in we’ve said that it’s the perfect place for a child to learn to ride a bike!  We have a big backyard with a large swimming pool and a playground. When we moved in we had an option to take down the playground but we believe that one day our child will love to swing and slide down the slide. 

We have two dogs who are 100% a part of our family. Riggins is 7 years old, he is small and black and white – if you look at our pictures he is the one that looks miserable – he wasn’t liking getting his picture taken. He is sweet, protective and LOVES kids. Charlie just turned one, he is still a puppy but is big!  He is the lover in the family, he wants to cuddle, loves to dance, and has brought SO much joy to our family.  We know your child will have two instant best friends with Riggs and Charlie!   

We are blessed with amazing family and friends who have joined us in praying us through this process.  It’s hard to know what to say that will bring you comfort and peace as you read this letter, but what we can say is what we can commit to you. 

First and most importantly, we will love your baby with our entire hearts. Your child will grow up surrounded by love, knowing how to accept love, how to give love, and how to show love to others. Second, we will give them the best education, experiences and adventures, and we can promise that their life will be full of laughter till their stomach hurts — because we have a lot of laughter in our home! Third, we commit to sharing your story with them. We want to honor you by sharing with them about your culture and all of the things you’d like them to know about you – as that makes them who they are.  Fourth, we commit to whatever form of communication that is comfortable for you. We want to respect what feels right to you.  

We are so grateful to be on this adoption journey. We can’t wait to connect with you so that you can get to know us a little better! We are thinking of you and praying for you and your baby every single day. 


Vinnie and Shannon

Jenna & Emmie

Hi! I’m Jenna and I have a baby girl named Emmie. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our family. Ever since I’ve thought about being a mom, I’ve felt that adoption would be part of my journey to build a family. I had the privilege of serving as a foster mom for an amazing little girl, A., for 16 months. Although she returned home, she continues to be an important part of my life.

In June of 2018, I was given the gift of becoming Emmie’s mom through adoption. My experiences caring for A. and for Emmie have taught me so many things about motherhood. Most importantly, I’ve learned to be fully present and enjoy every moment. This is something that I will strive to do every day as I care for your child. When your child is building a block tower, climbing the playground equipment, or jumping in puddles (with rain boots on of course J), Emmie and I will be playing right alongside her or him. We will have family dinners and at bedtime there will always be stories, talk of what we did that day, and lots of hugs and kisses. Your child will be listened to intently and loved beyond measure.

I am a preschool special education teacher, but I took this school year off so that I can enjoy being a full time mommy. I am loving every minute of it! I love spending time with my sweet little Emmie, the rest of our family, and our friends. Emmie and I take part in lots of fun community activities during the week including swimming classes, baby gym classes, and story time and playgroup at the local libraries. We also love spending time at the playground and taking day trips to nearby farms, zoos, and children’s museums. It would be wonderful for Emmie to be able to share these experiences with a sister or brother.

I have a wonderful support system. My mom lives right around the corner from me. She is a retired special education teacher and she will help with child care when I return to work. My maternal grandmother also lives a short distance from me and she visits several times during the week. My brother and his girlfriend live nearby, as well. My family and friends are very supportive of my decision to adopt again and can’t wait to meet the newest family member!

I will always honor and respect your relationship with your child. I will teach your child to be kind, compassionate, and independent. I will always do everything in my power to make sure he or she is happy, healthy, and safe. Above all, I promise that your child will always be loved and nurtured.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us. If you have any questions, I would be happy to share more.

Carrie and Luke

Hello and thank you for taking the time out to consider us when making this difficult and important decision. 

We hope this profile will help you get to know us. We started dating almost 20 years ago after several years of friendship and have been married for over 10 years. We are truly friends first and love spending time together. We have been hoping and praying for a child and can’t remember a time that we weren’t considering the idea of adoption, as Carrie is a former school teacher of 13 years and has devoted her life to family and caring for children. Carrie recently made a career change and now has the ability to work from home and have flexible hours once the little guy or girl arrives.

About our community

We live in a close-knit community that is very family-oriented. We have a cozy 3-bedroom home with space to play in the yard, a dedicated play space in the house, and a perfect room for a nursery. We have free public pools and often have public events aimed at children and families. Around the corner from our home is a baseball field, park, and YMCA. Carrie’s mom lives 5 minutes away and Luke’s parents live around 25 minutes away and all parents plan to be an active part of the child’s life.

Family is everything for us

Carrie grew up as one of seventeen grandchildren and many of her cousins now have children who will absolutely love on this baby and be their built-in playmates and best friends. We spend most of our time off from work with family hanging out and celebrating life’s great events. Luke has several cousins and a brother who are all excited about the idea of becoming aunts/uncles.

A little about us

In our free time (when we are not spending it with family), we love to garden (including having lots of fresh veggies in the summer), craft, and visit antique shops. We are homebodies but do enjoy traveling sometimes and often get a beach house with our families in the summer. Luke loves to work on cars and projects around the house—he is very handy and loves a good puzzle.

Our promise for your child

We promise that your child will be surrounded by love from family, friends, and the community.

As a former teacher, Carrie will be meticulous in making sure your child gets the best education and their needs are met physically and emotionally. We will advocate for your child and protect them.  We will honor your child as a person and make sure that we enrich their life with whatever interests they develop. Whether it means driving them to ballet classes, coaching a soccer team, taking them to painting classes, museums, or watching baseball at the local minor league baseball park, we will make sure their emotional needs are met.

We are blessed to have 2 priests in the family and grew up with religion in our life. We will make sure that your child is in a loving and supportive religious community and that their spiritual needs are met.

 Finally, we promise to honor your child’s culture and background. As a former ESL (English as a

Second Language) teacher, Carrie knows all too well how important it is to honor a child’s identity. We are happy to learn another language, attend cultural events, and immerse the child in cultural experiences and peer groups to help them connect with their roots.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us and for considering us when making this challenging decision.

Kristen and Rosalie

Thank you for opening your heart and choosing the gift of adoption.  This gift is life changing for all involved and even though this must be difficult for you, I see this as an act of selfless love on your part.  I am honored that you are considering choosing me.  I will offer your child unconditional love and support.  As a guidance counselor, I understand the importance of self-acceptance and identity development.  Your child’s identity will be influenced by your family and mine.  Your child will learn about adoption in a loving and developmentally appropriate way.  Your love as well as mine will always be in her heart. 

I would like to start off by telling you about myself.  I grew up in a two parent household in a small town in New Jersey that is nestled along a scenic river.  Although I moved from this town for a few years, I have found my way back home and once again live in my childhood neighborhood.  I have an older brother and an older sister.  My brother Mark lives in the house right next to me with his wife and two children.  One child is an infant and the other is four years old.  My sister Shannon has three children ranging from 11 to 15 years old.  My parents live two houses away from me.  This geographical set up helps us maintain strong familial relationships.  The street I live on has lots of children and they often ring each other’s door bells and ask each other to come outside and play.  When I look outside my window, I often see children riding bikes or playing a game of basketball.  

Residing at the New Jersey shore has impacted my hobbies and interests.  I enjoy an active lifestyle and like to walk or bike particularly by the river where the views are especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset.  I enjoy outdoor activities especially in the summertime.  I like to swim, go to the beach and spend time sailing with my family.  One of my favorite hobbies is baking by the recipe and then altering it slightly the next time to make new creations.  I have a fondness for animals and have two small dogs and a cat.  When I relax, I like to read on my porch while the dogs play in the yard.  I hope to share these activities/interests with your daughter.  

One of the challenges that I have faced is going through a divorce.  I started the relationship as many couples do with love and hope for a lasting future.  Even though it did not work out, I am happy that from this relationship I have a daughter.  I have one child, Rosalie who is 9 years old and very excited to welcome a sister into our home. My work as a guidance counselor allows me to spend quality time with her as I am off from work during her school holidays.  Living next door to my brother and his family and two houses away from my parents has been so special for her as she is growing up.  Family is very important to me, and your child will create lots of memories with her extended family.

My daughter enjoys playing school with her dolls, crafts and playing basketball.  Since we live at the shore she began sailing lessons last summer and is looking forward to sailing again this summer.  These activities will be available to your child as well as others depending on her interests and personality.  I would love to hear about your interests and activities growing up as your daughter may share some of these talents.

My daughter is half black and half white.  I encourage her to explore and learn about her heritage.  To support this we read books, watch educational videos and attend cultural events together.  I am excited to continue this with your child, and I will enjoy teaching her about her heritage.  I would love to hear about the way you celebrate holidays and your traditions so I can enrich your child’s life with her culture.

Next, I would like to tell you how our family celebrates holidays.  Christmas is a particularly magical time of year for my daughter, nephews and niece.  We start off the Christmas season by decorating right after Thanksgiving.  We put on Christmas music as we decorate our tree.  Each year, Rosalie gets a new ornament in her stocking that helps us remember the year.  When we decorate the tree, we think of all these memories.  My father helps us decorate outside with Christmas lights and a light up snowman.  We like to make hot chocolate and take car rides at night and look at decorations.  A few weeks before Christmas, we go to my sister’s house and make cookies.  The best part is decorating them with all the children.  On Christmas Eve we go to my brother’s house for dinner with all of our extended family.  The kids play while the adults talk and watch them open one present each.  At night, the kids sprinkle reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) on the yard so Santa’s reindeer can have a snack.  We leave out homemade cookies and milk for Santa.  My daughter has even heard Santa’s bells while trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas morning there is much excitement with gifts from Santa, but the best part is being with family.  My parents come over for a special breakfast.  Later in the day we walk over to my parents and spend the day with all of our extended family.  We open gifts and eat delicious food like cranberry scones, lasagna, sausage bread and antipasto.

Thanksgiving is another important holiday for my family.  We all go to my parent’s house with my extended family for dinner.  Since I enjoy baking, I usually bring an apple pie.  Since I like altering recipes, I have found that adding a pear in with the apples gives it a nice flavor.  I also add brown sugar for some extra sweetness.  My mother makes the turkey as well as some side dishes with recipes that were passed down from my grandmother.  A family favorite is my grandmother’s stuffing.  

On Easter, my daughter wakes up with excitement for an Easter egg hunt.  We then have our extended family over for breakfast.  I often make honey crusted French toast.  Later in the day I arrange a scavenger hunt for her and cousins.  They follow clues that I put in Easter eggs and run through my yard, my brother’s yard and my parent’s yard as they all connect to each other.  At the end is an Easter surprise.

The fourth of July is a fun holiday for my family.  We start the day off by going to our town’s parade.  My daughter and my niece decorated their bikes one year and entered the parade.  They put candy in the basket attached to their bikes and threw it to children watching the parade.  My daughter won best custom and my niece won best decorated bike.  We then go to a field for townwide games such as relay races.  My nephew has won for his age range several years in a row.  For dinner we have barbecue.  A highlight for the children is ending the night by going out on my father’s boat to watch the fireworks.

My family and I like to do messy art.  For Halloween this year, we made spray painted pumpkins by spray painting water in a bucket and dipping the pumpkin in the water.  We also made glitter pumpkins which was a big hit especially with the younger kids.  In previous years we’ve gone on hay rides to pick pumpkins and went through corn mazes.  My daughter likes to dress up for trick or treating in costumes that are not too scary!  Over the years her costumes have included Doc McStuffins, Dorothy, Belle and Little Red Riding Hood.  

Thank you so much for taking time to read about me and my family.  The act of adoption has been in my heart for quite some time.  I started thinking about it when I was in high school.  Throughout my life I have been touched by adoption in many ways.  My college roommate was adopted and my daughter’s best friend is adopted.  Through them, I have personally experienced that adoption is truly a gift of love.  Please know that if you choose me, your child will be unconditionally loved not only by me, but also by her sister and extended family.   

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