Our Adoptive Waiting Families

Anna & Margaret

“Hello There”

“Where there is Love there is Life” 

We would love to get to know you better and we already think you are pretty brave and with the world on your shoulders, we would like to offer you, hopefully some comfort.  We truly have a lot of love to give and a true desire to grow our family through adoption. 

About us: We met in 1994 in NYC; we connected years later after seeing each other on dating  site. We have been together 17 1/2 years. We both adore each other’s company and our  relationship just flows together really well. On September 20, 2015 we were finally able to  marry each other because marriage equality became legal.  

Family Life & Careers: Anna is a New jersey Licensed Realtor. She’s an excellent cook and  thrives on just about everything she makes and loves to come up with new recipes. Anna is  also super creative. Margaret is fulltime working from home and has been with the NYC  Housing Authority for the last 29 years as a Housing Development Specialist within NYC project based management unit. We are both very handy and enjoy taking on any project. In our free  time we have these 2 cute dogs- Grace at 5 pounds and the other is Dakota at 15 pounds, they  are both very sweet/friendly we enjoy our time with them and they are definitely are fur  babies. We take them for short/long walks around the neighborhood and Parks. On weekends  we venture out with trips to NYC, beaches, trying new restaurants, stopping at local farmers  markets. But we also LOVE spending time at home as well and having family and friends over  for BBQs and get togethers. We LOVE the holidays and enjoy vacationing. We hope to share  that with a child someday, which we will cherish. She or he would be loved and appreciated we  would give them the attention they need and the security of a loving home. 

Home and Community: We own a pretty home with a loft kid’s play area. We are in the  process of designing the nursery. We really love it here. We live in a suburb; we are 10 minutes 

from one the best beaches in New Jersey. The family neighborhood is safe and has a lot of  diversity. There are a lot of community events and festivals in the area and large parks with  swing sets. The surrounding areas have many amusement parks with rides, large department  stores and shops and plenty of great food. The school is nearby and is rated very well. 

Family & Friends: We have family and friends that all live close by and we have many get  togethers as well as holiday gatherings. One of our childhood friends just moved blocks away. 

Our Valves: We are dedicated, honest, lovable, and loyal. We respect each other’s opinions.  We would instill the same values in your child. We believe that with true patience and lots of  hugs, kisses and guidance your child will be raised in a well-rounded home. We strongly believe  in the importance of education and teaching children to work hard and be successful. We will  encourage and support them to be active, and to explore and discover their passions, whether  their interests are sports, music, art or dance. 

Why we choose to Adoption: We felt strongly about becoming moms and always wanted a  family but mostly importantly we felt that adoption was such an amazing fulfilling journey. We  pray our wishes come true. 

Birthmother: We know this is a hard choice to make and we truly believe it takes one day at a  time and life will come together. We would be so incredibly honored to get to know you and  your baby. Thank you for taking the time to read about us.  

With Warmest Wishes, 

Anna & Margaret

Kristen and Rosalie

Thank you for opening your heart and choosing the gift of adoption.  This gift is life changing for all involved and even though this must be difficult for you, I see this as an act of selfless love on your part.  I am honored that you are considering choosing me.  I will offer your child unconditional love and support.  As a guidance counselor, I understand the importance of self-acceptance and identity development.  Your child’s identity will be influenced by your family and mine.  Your child will learn about adoption in a loving and developmentally appropriate way.  Your love as well as mine will always be in her heart. 

I would like to start off by telling you about myself.  I grew up in a two parent household in a small town in New Jersey that is nestled along a scenic river.  Although I moved from this town for a few years, I have found my way back home and once again live in my childhood neighborhood.  I have an older brother and an older sister.  My brother Mark lives in the house right next to me with his wife and two children.  One child is an infant and the other is four years old.  My sister Shannon has three children ranging from 11 to 15 years old.  My parents live two houses away from me.  This geographical set up helps us maintain strong familial relationships.  The street I live on has lots of children and they often ring each other’s door bells and ask each other to come outside and play.  When I look outside my window, I often see children riding bikes or playing a game of basketball.  

Residing at the New Jersey shore has impacted my hobbies and interests.  I enjoy an active lifestyle and like to walk or bike particularly by the river where the views are especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset.  I enjoy outdoor activities especially in the summertime.  I like to swim, go to the beach and spend time sailing with my family.  One of my favorite hobbies is baking by the recipe and then altering it slightly the next time to make new creations.  I have a fondness for animals and have two small dogs and a cat.  When I relax, I like to read on my porch while the dogs play in the yard.  I hope to share these activities/interests with your daughter.  

One of the challenges that I have faced is going through a divorce.  I started the relationship as many couples do with love and hope for a lasting future.  Even though it did not work out, I am happy that from this relationship I have a daughter.  I have one child, Rosalie who is 9 years old and very excited to welcome a sister into our home. My work as a guidance counselor allows me to spend quality time with her as I am off from work during her school holidays.  Living next door to my brother and his family and two houses away from my parents has been so special for her as she is growing up.  Family is very important to me, and your child will create lots of memories with her extended family.

My daughter enjoys playing school with her dolls, crafts and playing basketball.  Since we live at the shore she began sailing lessons last summer and is looking forward to sailing again this summer.  These activities will be available to your child as well as others depending on her interests and personality.  I would love to hear about your interests and activities growing up as your daughter may share some of these talents.

My daughter is half black and half white.  I encourage her to explore and learn about her heritage.  To support this we read books, watch educational videos and attend cultural events together.  I am excited to continue this with your child, and I will enjoy teaching her about her heritage.  I would love to hear about the way you celebrate holidays and your traditions so I can enrich your child’s life with her culture.

Next, I would like to tell you how our family celebrates holidays.  Christmas is a particularly magical time of year for my daughter, nephews and niece.  We start off the Christmas season by decorating right after Thanksgiving.  We put on Christmas music as we decorate our tree.  Each year, Rosalie gets a new ornament in her stocking that helps us remember the year.  When we decorate the tree, we think of all these memories.  My father helps us decorate outside with Christmas lights and a light up snowman.  We like to make hot chocolate and take car rides at night and look at decorations.  A few weeks before Christmas, we go to my sister’s house and make cookies.  The best part is decorating them with all the children.  On Christmas Eve we go to my brother’s house for dinner with all of our extended family.  The kids play while the adults talk and watch them open one present each.  At night, the kids sprinkle reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) on the yard so Santa’s reindeer can have a snack.  We leave out homemade cookies and milk for Santa.  My daughter has even heard Santa’s bells while trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas morning there is much excitement with gifts from Santa, but the best part is being with family.  My parents come over for a special breakfast.  Later in the day we walk over to my parents and spend the day with all of our extended family.  We open gifts and eat delicious food like cranberry scones, lasagna, sausage bread and antipasto.

Thanksgiving is another important holiday for my family.  We all go to my parent’s house with my extended family for dinner.  Since I enjoy baking, I usually bring an apple pie.  Since I like altering recipes, I have found that adding a pear in with the apples gives it a nice flavor.  I also add brown sugar for some extra sweetness.  My mother makes the turkey as well as some side dishes with recipes that were passed down from my grandmother.  A family favorite is my grandmother’s stuffing.  

On Easter, my daughter wakes up with excitement for an Easter egg hunt.  We then have our extended family over for breakfast.  I often make honey crusted French toast.  Later in the day I arrange a scavenger hunt for her and cousins.  They follow clues that I put in Easter eggs and run through my yard, my brother’s yard and my parent’s yard as they all connect to each other.  At the end is an Easter surprise.

The fourth of July is a fun holiday for my family.  We start the day off by going to our town’s parade.  My daughter and my niece decorated their bikes one year and entered the parade.  They put candy in the basket attached to their bikes and threw it to children watching the parade.  My daughter won best custom and my niece won best decorated bike.  We then go to a field for townwide games such as relay races.  My nephew has won for his age range several years in a row.  For dinner we have barbecue.  A highlight for the children is ending the night by going out on my father’s boat to watch the fireworks.

My family and I like to do messy art.  For Halloween this year, we made spray painted pumpkins by spray painting water in a bucket and dipping the pumpkin in the water.  We also made glitter pumpkins which was a big hit especially with the younger kids.  In previous years we’ve gone on hay rides to pick pumpkins and went through corn mazes.  My daughter likes to dress up for trick or treating in costumes that are not too scary!  Over the years her costumes have included Doc McStuffins, Dorothy, Belle and Little Red Riding Hood.  

Thank you so much for taking time to read about me and my family.  The act of adoption has been in my heart for quite some time.  I started thinking about it when I was in high school.  Throughout my life I have been touched by adoption in many ways.  My college roommate was adopted and my daughter’s best friend is adopted.  Through them, I have personally experienced that adoption is truly a gift of love.  Please know that if you choose me, your child will be unconditionally loved not only by me, but also by her sister and extended family.   

Andy and Francine

We are looking to give a child a life full of love, support and opportunities. We know that we can offer unconditional love, a safe and stable home, a good education, emotional and financial support.   Feel free to reach out if you would like more information about our family.

Corey and Clare

 Hello! We are Corey and Clare. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our family.

We became friends in high school, started dating in college, and got married several years after that. We became adoptive parents in 2016 when Grace was born and again in 2019 when Henry was born. Our children have brought so much happiness to our lives and we are incredibly grateful for them. We are really excited about the opportunity to welcome another child into our home. Especially Grace and Henry!

Corey is a consultant and Clare is a librarian. In our free time, we love being outdoors, reading, going to concerts, dining out, and traveling. We have found that being parents has not hindered our desire to explore and go on adventures. If anything, having children has encouraged that more. We love to watch our kids learn new things and it has been so fun to see the world through their eyes. When we aren’t on the go, we enjoy spending time with the people we love. We both come from large families and we are very close with our siblings and parents. We also share an amazing group of friends whom we consider an extension of our family. Everyone is as thrilled as we are about the idea of us expanding our family.

We understand that as a birth parent you are faced with an extremely difficult decision. We want you to know that if you chose us as adoptive parents, we will raise your child in a stable home and we will love them unconditionally. We want to maintain a positive relationship with you in the future. No matter what decision you make, we wish you all the best.


Dear Expecting Mother, 

Thank you for taking time to read this. We haven’t met yet, but I have been praying for you as I  imagine the range of thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing. I believe in my heart that you  are acting out of love and appreciate you considering me as a parent to your child. I promise to  love and support your child unconditionally. They already hold a special place in my heart, and I  look forward to nurturing a loving relationship as we take this journey together.

A Little About Me 

I love music and singing. I sing in the choir and have an amazing church family that I love! Like  my dad, I have a cooky sense of humor and love a good laugh. I enjoy eating out and trying  different foods – and I LOVE pancakes! I have an almost 2-year-old dog, named Penny. She’s  super friendly and happy! She thinks it’s her job to stop and say hello to everyone she sees. 

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my mom or my best friend, Angie, or sipping  coffee at the neighborhood Starbucks. During the summer, I love to visit a good beach, the zoo,  and just spend time outdoors. My life is pretty simple and blessed. 

I grew up in diverse neighborhood in New York where I was raised by mother as an only child. I  visited my father in New Jersey on the weekends. My family life was unique. I was an only child  in every sense of the word and I was also the youngest of my father’s three daughters. I was  blessed to have sibling-like relationships with two of my cousins and was surrounded by the  love of a small, but mighty family on my mother’s side. These days my immediate family  remains small in size and huge in love, while my extended family continues to be an important  part of my life. My immediate and extended families consist of biological and adopted relatives, half-siblings, stepsisters, nieces and nephews, and friends who have become family – all proving  to me that love is what makes a family great.  

My mother lives about 20 minutes away from me and we are extremely close. I love our  relationship and believe it will serve as a blueprint for my parenting. She taught me to be kind  and respectful, and more than that, she taught me at a young age that my voice was important  and I was worthy of respect. My mom can’t wait to be a grandma! In addition to her, I have a  strong village of friends and family in New York and New Jersey that I am most grateful for. They are super excited about my adoption journey, and a few have even dropped hints about  wanting to be godparents. I’m smiling as I write this because I know that your child will be loved  beyond measure!  

The neighborhood I live in reminds me a bit of the one I grew up in as a child. My neighbors are  friendly, children run and play outside, and lots of people have dogs. The town is small and  relatively diverse, with a library and downtown area in walking distance. I am near friends and  family in both New York and New Jersey. I have a sunny two-bedroom garden apartment that  has been very comfortable for Penny and me, and my mom, when she stays over. Although I  don’t have a backyard, I am able to spend a lot of time outside in any of the grassy areas in my  development and there’s a great playground on site. 

My Hope and Dreams About Adoption 

I have prayed about adoption for a very long time and can’t wait to become a parent. I am at a  point in my life where I have accomplished great things in my career and wish to focus on  building my family and pouring out the abundance of love in my heart. I appreciate the  openness of adoptions today and am committed to fostering a relationship that helps your child  to be secure in the fact she/he is loved. There’s so much I hope for that I don’t have adequate words to describe, but I’ve tried to capture some of it in a letter to my future child: 

Dear Baby Girl/Boy: 

I cannot wait to meet you! I can already see you and feel the love I’ll have for you. I am  going to do everything I can to make sure you are happy, whole, and well-cared for in  life. I plan to raise you to know that God loves you unconditionally and so do I. 

I didn’t grow up with a lot of things, but I grew up with a lot of love. As your parent, the  first and most important thing I want to give you is love. I also look forward to spending  time with you and sharing experiences that I enjoy. Whether it’s something simple like a  

trip to the zoo (I love the zoo!) or museums, learning how to fish, dance, or play  instruments, I am excited about helping you discover the things YOU will love to do, too. I  hope to give you a great education that extends beyond the school building and give you  opportunities to travel and see the world. I’m already excited about our first trip to  Disney World and hope it will just be one of many experiences that you’ll enjoy as you’re  growing up. 

I want you to always know that your biological mom and dad love you. I will do all I can  to make sure your family is not erased from your life. You deserve to know who you are and where you come from so that you can always feel like a whole person. 

I can’t wait to meet you! I will not be a perfect parent – I will make mistakes. However, I  promise to always do my best to make sure your needs are met, and to let you know that  you can always trust me and talk to me about anything. I will do my best to teach you  the things I think you’ll need to know in life to make the choices that are right for you  and give you room to be your own person so you can let your light shine. You are  blessing and I love you already! 


Your Parent-in-Waiting 

Thank you for taking time to read this letter and for considering me as a parent to your child. I look forward to meeting you someday! 

With love, 


Chris and David

Hi! We’re Chris and David, and we thank you for taking time to learn a little about us. 

Our roots together run deep after ten years of building a home and sharing our love with both the families we were born into and the close friends who make up our chosen family. Part of how we knew we were in it for the long haul is our mutual commitment to growing our family through adoption.

We have always felt we have a lot of love to share, and we look forward to making memories with our expanding family and learning lessons together. 

“Happiness is the best thing in the world.” – The Wizard of Oz

Our story began in 2011 when we became fast friends over board games and life chats. David had just moved to New Jersey after working in outdoor education at a children’s camp on the West Coast and Chris had recently returned to NJ after studying abroad in Europe. We initially connected over healthy competition and a shared love of cooking and enjoying good food. As time has gone on, our marriage has grown more deeply rooted in laughter, collaborative partnership, music, and homemade pies.

At our wedding in 2016, the theme of the toasts from our loved ones was the balance we each bring to the other’s life. We bring out the adventurous, the silly, and the absolute best in each other.

“I think it [annoys] God…if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” – The Color Purple

We were both raised in traditionally Christian households, and today we find ourselves on a journey to bring the most meaningful parts of our childhood faiths into our adult lives. We share a deep faith in community, exploration, service, and art. 

Family time is a shared priority for both of us. We make regular visits to spend time with David’s family in Tennessee. In the winter we enjoy setting up the Christmas decorations and baking together. In the summer we’re playing shuffleboard down the shore or spending family time at the lake building campfires and learning to water ski. Chris’s family is local – we enjoy hosting his family for dinner and getting together for neighborhood trivia nights. 

Holidays are our favorite times to gather. We are both teachers, so we tend to base our get-togethers around the school schedule. In the fall we carve pumpkins and host Halloween costume parties in the backyard (we don’t ever want to be too old to dress up!). We set a big table for Christmas, and we celebrate big snowfalls with hot cocoa, snowball fights, and the best cheesy movies from the ‘80s and ‘90s. In the warmer months we’re working in our garden and sharing meals under the open sky.

We live in a small town surrounded by farms and nature preserves, where it’s easy enough to get to the city, but we have everything we need close to home. We can easily walk to pizza and ice cream, cool children’s book shops and toy stores, playgrounds, nature trails, and the local elementary school. Our neighborhood is a mix of young families and folks who have been around for decades. It’s a community that looks out for one another and always shows up, whether for a BBQ, a volunteer drive, or to welcome new neighbors to town!

“It is better to know how to learn than to know.” — Dr. Seuss

As much as you are comfortable, we hope to share photos, emails, and regular updates with you. We would love to add the sharing milestones and major life events together as time goes on. 

We plan to raise children who share our family’s commitment to celebrating cultures from around the world. We plan to do this through the books we read, what we watch on our TVs, and the food and music we enjoy together. We will make every effort for our children to learn about as many aspects of their cultural heritage as we can. 

In addition to both of us being educators, we share a commitment to being life-long learners. We dream of learning alongside our children, exploring together and finding joy along the way. 

Megan & Simon

Thank you so much for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child. We understand this cannot be easy, but we want you to know we admire your bravery, strength, and love for your child.

As adoptive parents, we would welcome your child into a household filled with joy, laughter, and unconditional love. We want to support you and work together to create a plan that is best for you and your child.

Whatever you decide, we hope you feel supported and empowered because you are so strong, Mama.

Simon has two children from previous relationships but we both have always known we wanted more children. 

Megan grew up in Minnesota and moved to the NYC area to attend a masters program at Columbia University. Simon is originally from London, England and moved to the United States in 2000.

We met in Jersey City in 2017 when Simon was volunteering with Megan’s organization, setting up apartments for refugees arriving in the US. Simon is a pro at driving U-Hauls and carrying couches!

Together we set up many homes and bonded over our shared commitment to making a difference in our community. Soon our furniture-hauling friendship blossomed into love. We married in New York City on Pi Day, March 14th 2019.

We live in a condo in Jersey City with our 6-year-old son Ira, who we co-parent. We also share our home with two lovable pets: Willow, a rescue cat and Doodles, a pug.

We love to have adventures together as a family.

Michael & Meghan

Dear Birth Mom,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile and considering us as placement for your baby. We cannot imagine what this might be like for you and we really appreciate the opportunity to be considered. Our names are Michael (41) and Meghan (43) and we both work from home full time. Michael is in IT and I am a mental health therapist and worked for years as a special education teacher prior to making the career switch. We do not have any children at this current time. We have not been able to grow a family of our own and have discussed and considered adoption since before we even got married and we would discuss family. We believe that adoption is the right avenue for us

Michael and I met in 2015 and were married in 2019. We are also in the middle of planning our wedding in the Catholic church. We were not able to get married in the church at first but are excited to have the opportunity now. I am a Catholic and religion is very important to me. I was raised Catholic and faith was an important part of my childhood and upbringing. Prior to the pandemic I attended church multiple times per week and was involved in the church’s bereavement group as church grounds me. Michael and I attend church weekly and at times go with my parents. Michael was raised Serbian Orthodox but attends church with me. Growing up his family was active in the Serbian Orthodox church and his father is still connected. The Servian Orthodox church has a lot of traditions that were practiced in Michael’s home growing up.

We are a laid back couple, who likes to be active but also find quiet time important; we like to take day trips, see family and friends, go to the movies, spend time shopping, and be outside. Michael works with computers and computer systems, he enjoys building computers and making home improvements that include making the house “smarter.” He also enjoys building things on his 3-D printer. I am active, I enjoy taking long walks and hikes, spending time with my siblings, doing projects in the house, singing and music, and craft projects (I just bought a Cricut and am learning how to use it). We also recently bought a new home and we are still working on settling in. We enjoy spending time with family, Mike’s father lives down by the beach and we visit throughout the year. During the warmer months we like to go to the boardwalk near his house and grab pizza or ice cream. Mike has a younger brother who is married with 2 younger children (ages 3 and 1) and they live about 25 minutes away from us. My father and stepmother as well as younger brother and sister live about 20 minutes away and we see them often. I have a few nieces and nephews, that range in age from 23 to 11. We have three small dogs; Shelly is a 15 year old Shih Tzu, Abbey is a 9 year old Shih Tzu and Frankie is a 6 year old Shih Tzu mix. We like taking them on walks and they enjoy playing. 

We live in small town, it has a downtown area with shops and restaurants. Right down the street from our house is a playground/park. Our town has town and school sports as well as dance studios and karate studios. We have a 4 bedroom center hall colonial. We have a backyard with an above ground pool. We also have a private swim club that is in walking distance to the house that has a playground and offers swim lessons and other child friendly activities.

We are looking to give a child a warm, loving, and safe home full of opportunities. We want to offer a child unconditional love and support to grow into their full potential and become their authentic self. We are able and excited to provide a child with emotional support, financial security and with unconditional love. We believe it is important for a child to have experiences and be able to engage in activities and things that help them develop. In terms of child care, Michael and I both work from home with flexible schedules and we both plan on taking time off from work when the child first comes home. We do not plan on using a day care or preschool until the child is older and mostly for socializing. We will be hiring someone to come into our home to care for the baby a few hours a day, but we will both be home while they are here. We are very grateful to have the ability to be very present and stay home with the baby while they are young, and everyone is transitioning.

We started the adoption process in the fall, but it is something we have talked about since before getting married. We are working with the Children’s Home Society of NJ. We have taken classes in preparation for adoption that discussed bounding, trauma, boundaries and setting/having realistic expectations. We absolutely welcome the idea of an open adoption if you are open. We think it is in the best interest of the child. We also understand that adoption is not an easy choice for you and in many ways can be traumatic. We feel that an open relationship between all parties can help ease some of the questions and fears that birth mothers may experience. It also allows the child a link to their past and an understanding of why they were placed with another family.

Again, we really appreciate you considering us to be a part of your journey in this process.

Thank you,

Michael and Meghan 

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Joanna & Dario

Your strength and courage brought you to our profile and we hope to make you feel welcome and comfortable as you get to know us. We are Joanna and Dario and this is our story.

Dario and I have known each other for seven years and have been happily married for over three years. We initially met on a dating web-site called, Plenty of Fish. After exchanging a plethora of messages, we decided to meet in person for the very first time on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

 Our meeting place was in front of the TGI Friday’s in Penn Station, New York because Dario lived in New Jersey while I was living in New York at the time. We connected quickly and realized that we shared many of the same ideals, beliefs, and morals.

For two years, we devoted our time to travel an hour and a half each way, every weekend, to spend time with one another.  One day,  Dario and I decided it was time to make the next move and he convinced me to move to New Jersey where we lived in an apartment together for a year and a half.

 In June 2018, Dario surprised me with an end of the school year summer trip to a cruise to Canada, where he ended up proposing to me as we were crossing the Atlantic Ocean. It was sincerely a memorable night for both of us!

 Despite the many plans we initially had for our dream wedding, we decided to just get married through the court and utilize the money we would have used for the wedding and reception towards a down payment on our first home. We plan on renewing our vows through the Church in the near future and would love to have our future child / children present to unify us as a family.


Joanna is a High School English & Journalism Teacher. Dario is a Director of Procurement.

Why Do You Want To Adopt?

Joanna always had it in her heart to adopt from when she was 10 years old. She always vowed that if she was going to be single,  married,  or had biological children,  she would find a way to adopt.

When Joanna expressed her dream, I was on board with no hesitation. And so, here we are on our adoption journey. 

You see,  for us,  adoption is not a second choice or a replacement.  Rather,  adoption is our first choice. We look forward to becoming parents.  We look forward to providing a stable and loving home to a child / children.  We are looking forward to growing our family through adoption and love. 

 Family Life

We were both raised in European households (Dario in a Portuguese family; Joanna in a Maltese family). Part of the reason why we connected instantly when we first met, was because we quickly realized how much our family values synced with one another. Our parents instilled the importance of love, honesty, compassion, hard-work, and morals and we would like to pass this on to our future child.

 In regards to our religious beliefs, we were both raised Catholic and plan to raise our child in the Catholic faith. However, we will support the child’s decision if he/she decides to practice a different faith in the future.

 Family time is extremely important to us. Every other weekend, birthdays, and during the holidays, we visit with our extended family. This includes: having dinner together, catching up with each other’s lives and simply enjoying each other’s company. It is always something we look forward to and cannot wait to share these precious moments with our future child.

 After losing our 15 year old cat named Linda in December 2020, we decided to rescue a 6 month old kitten named Valentine shortly after. We love her very much and she has brought us much joy and happiness.


We love to travel. We particularly enjoy going on road trips to different states during Joanna’s winter, spring and summer vacations. Our goal is to visit as many states/countries as possible throughout the years. The best part of these trips is sight-seeing, learning new cultures, and making new memories. We are looking forward to sharing these experiences with our child which includes teaching him/her about our Maltese and Portuguese heritage as well as his/her own.

 Dario and I have traditions that we love to engage in weekly and throughout the holidays. Every Friday, we have game/movie night. During the fall and winter months we love to bake, whether it’s making chocolate chip cookies from scratch or simply baking a cheesecake! During the spring and summer months, we enjoy gardening and taking walks along the local park or beach front. Throughout all of the seasons/holidays, we love to decorate the inside as well as the outside of our home! We take pride in keeping up with traditions and creating new ones. We look forward to engaging in these activities with our future child.

 Level Of Openness

We are very supportive of your wishes as to the level of contact and communication you are most comfortable with, whether it is through letters, pictures, emails, Zoom/Google Meet/Skype or any other method you would like. We want you to feel welcome and to know that we have the best interest of you and your child in our hearts and minds.

 Best Wishes

Dear Birth Mom,

We want you to know that even though we haven’t officially met you yet, you are thought of every day. We admire your tremendous strength and courage and thank you for the gift of life. We want your child to know that your decision was made out of love.

We promise to:

  • Provide unconditional love.
  • Provide financial stability.
  • Make education a top priority.
  • Be positive role models.
  • Teach strong morals and values.
  • Provide constant encouragement and support.
  • Teach the child about his/her heritage.
  • Create and embrace lifelong precious memories.
  • Keep you in our thoughts, hearts and in our child’s life.

Message To Our Future Child: “Born not from our flesh, but born in our hearts. You were longed for, wanted, and loved from the start.” We know you’re out there and we pray for you every single day! Know that you are loved and that your mama is the bravest, most beautiful, incredibly strong & courageous woman in the whole world! You will always know your story. We can’t wait to meet you! 

Nicole and Edwin

Hi! Let us introduce ourselves, Ed and I met online a little over four years ago. It really was love at first sight if you believe in such a thing. I didn’t until I met Ed. We decided to meet up after talking for about two days and the rest was history. 

We moved in together after dating for only a few months and after six months of being together he proposed. We both believe when you know, you know. We have yet to actually get married as our wedding was scheduled to take place during COVID. We do however, plan on being legally married before the adoption goes through. 

Ed has an adorable five year old son, Aiden,  from a previous relationship that I have had the honor to raise with him. His name is Aiden and he lives with us full time. He is extremely excited to eventually have a little brother or sister. 

We have two small dogs. One is a bichon poodle mix and the other is a toy poodle. They are both the sweetest boys and great with kids. 

We bought our first home a few months ago while starting the adoption process with baby in mind. We bought a very modern three bedroom house with a large backyard that is fenced in. The community that we live in is very diverse and has an excellent school system. 

I am an insurance administrator with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. My job is extremely flexible and family oriented as it is a family business. Ed is a general manager at a restaurant and sets his own schedule each week. We are both passionate about what we do. 

In our free time, we enjoy playing in our yard with our dogs and Aiden, working out (this is usually a family thing on Sundays) spending time with family and friends, and cooking/baking together as a family.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We want to commend you for making such a selfless and difficult decision. It truly takes an extraordinary person to do such a thing. If you chose us as adoptive parents, we want you to know that we will love them unconditionally and raise them in a loving and stable home. We wish you the very best regardless if you choose us or not. 


Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read about our family. My name is Lindsay, and I have an 8 year-old son. I grew up in a small town in South Jersey and played and competed in many sports. I initially went to college to become a Special Education teacher. I went on to get a masters in Clinical Psychology and loved it so much that I completed the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology as well. I currently work with children and adults who have experienced trauma in their lives. Because my job is very flexible, I am able to be very involved with my son’s life. I spend one day in the office each week, and the rest I am able to do from home on my own time and schedule. I also have experience working in an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization setting, and feeding day treatment programs for kids. In my free time I like to go for walks, do yoga, listen to podcasts, and lift weights.

Since my child was born my number one priority has been making sure he is happy and feels loved, and I would do the same for your child. My son is a sensitive,

kind, and open-minded little boy. We spend most of out time doing lots of fun kid activities. Our favorite things to do as a family are go to amusement parks, aquariums, playgrounds, museums, musicals, and trampoline parks. We like to vacation down the shore and in the Poconos with family. We are very involved with the school and all the community events that happen in our town. We live in a small town close to where I grew up, and we really love our neighbor and school system here. Our town has a great elementary school that is very close by with a wonderful preschool program. They do a lot of activities for the families after school hours, and they also have some clubs for the kids. We live a relaxed, laid back, and simple life, but we also like to have a lot of fun!  One thing I have really made a priority since my son was born is our bedtime routine. We make sure we spend at least an hour every night before bed without distractions. We love to read books and talk about our day. It’s a great time to connect. We have lots of love to give and would love to include another little one in this routine.

My mom lives close by, and we talk daily. She is a nurse and will be able to help with childcare on days when I have to go into the office once a week. I am close with other family members who live in the area as well. I also have lots of friends with little ones for support. My son has a lot of cousins, and he loves playing with them whenever he gets a chance. Our family gets together often for holidays, birthdays, day trips, and play dates.

Growing up I went to a Presbyterian Church. It was a very friendly and supportive environment. I was baptized and confirmed there. I was also involved in the children’s choir, bells, and youth group there. I spent a lot of time at the church, and I had so many positive experiences. While we don’t currently attend a church, I talk to my son about various different religions and encourage him to ask questions. We also spend a lot of time talking about different cultures. He is very proud of his heritage and I hope to instill that in your child as well.

I always knew since I was a child that I wanted to adopt one day. It was my first choice in growing my family. We had a family friend who adopted, and my best friend adopted as well. I used to be a foster parent through CHS years ago, and I have kept in touch with several of the former foster parents who have adopted. Most of my clinical work has involved working with children who were adopted as well. Adoption always had a place in my heart, and I am always looking to learn and grow so that I can best help a child who’s story involves adoption. I feel like the time is finally right for me to open my home for adoption. I try to make decisions only after carefully thinking them through. When I was a foster parent we used to gift the children a book called Wherever You Go My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman. The message was meaningful to us and we felt it was an important message for others involved with adoption as well. Even if a child is not physically in your presence your love will always find them. I plan to begin sharing about adoption and the child’s birth family from day one through books like this one as long as you are open to that. I am also hoping to continue regular contact if that is okay with you. My favorite quote from that special book is, “You are my angel, my darling, my star… and my love will find you, wherever you are.” Your child will always know how much you love them. 

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