A message to new prospective adoptive families:

If you are interested in our Domestic Adoption Services, including the completion of home studies or limited home studies, please complete the inquiry form below or reach out to Valerie Fiorentino at vfiorentino@chsofnj.org or 609-695-6274 Ext 107 for more information. 

Domestic Adoption

Why choose our adoption services?

The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey is a licensed adoption agency dedicated to quality service for children and families in New Jersey and Bucks County, PA. With more than a century of experience and expertise in the field, The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey offers many paths to building a family through adoption. We are committed to working with birthparents of all backgrounds to help them make a plan for the care of their child, and when that plan is adoption, we work diligently to place the child with a permanent and loving adoptive family. We welcome adoptive families of all races, religions, ancestries, national origins, ages, sexual orientations and genders, as long as at their core is their ability to love, care for and support a child. Whatever type of adoption you pursue, CHSofNJ will offer our support and professional assistance from the application process through your adoption finalization. We believe that adoption is a lifelong process, and our services are designed to support families for the long term.

If you would like more information about our home study and adoption services, please complete our online inquiry form below. If you have additional questions, please contact Valerie Fiorentino, Program Director, at vfiorentino@chsofnj.org or (609) 695-6274 Ext. 107.  

Our adoption services are available to residents of New Jersey, Bucks County PA, and the area of Montgomery County PA that borders eastern Bucks County.

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FREE PREGNANCY HELPLINE 1-800-CHSofNJ (1-800-247-6365) OUR COUNSELORS ARE AVAILABLE 24/7- CALL NOW or text (609) 203-4579! We are here to help you.

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Adoption Services

Through the Post-Adoption Background and Search program, CHS of NJ provides adult members of the adoption triad (birth parents, adoptee, adoptive parents) with requested background information, search, and reunion services. CHS of NJ counsels all parties considering or participating in search and reunion and offers counseling after a reunion if requested. We do not advocate for or against searching, but respect each individual’s decision and provide support through the process. CHS of NJ also provides background and search services for CHS of NJ adoptees and birth parents, as well as other adult adoptees who have obtained their original birth certificates through the Department of Health. We can also provide intermediary and counseling services at the request of the birth parent.

Obtaining Original Birth Certificates or

Born or Adopted in NJ?

  • In New Jersey, as of January 2017, per the new Law PL14 Chapter 9, an adult adoptee at least eighteen years of age will be able to access their original birth certificate through the Bureau of Vital statistics. For further information about how to access your original birth certificate  click here.
  • Birth parents may submit a document for contact preference and to update family background as well as medical information after July 1, 2015. To access the necessary forms for contact preference click here.
  • To learn more about The NJ Adoptee Birth Right Act, visit NJ ARCH

Born or Adopted in PA?

  • In PA, as of 2016, per Act 127 of 2016, adult adoptees born in PA who meet certain criteria, may request their Original Birth Certificate. Adult adoptee must be at least 18 years of age and have graduated from high school, completed a GED, to have legally withdrawn from secondary school. Descendants of an adoptee may also apply. Birth parents may redact their names and can submit a contact preference form. If birth parents take no action, their names will be released on the original birth certificate.

As always, The Children’s Home Society will remain available to assist you through your search and reunion journey. Please contact Aisha Harper with any questions at 609.695.6274 x 149 or email aharper@chsofnj.org.

Background and Search Fees 2022

Being pregnant may have you afraid and confused. You are not alone. The Children’s Home Society of NJ will help you and support you. We offer free and confidential pregnancy and options counseling, including parenting, foster care, placement with relatives and placement with an adoptive family. This may be the most serious decision you have to make in your life for yourself and your child- Don’t feel pressured into making a hasty decision. You have many options and we are here to help, without judgment.

For more information call or text Janine Cook at (609) 203-4579.

If you want to parent, but need support:

  • We can refer you to community resources for medical care and information on financial and day care services.
  • We can help you learn how to take care of your child.
  • We can provide you with supportive services.

If you need more time to make a decision:

  • You can place your child in one of our loving temporary care homes while you work with a counselor to decide.
  • You can visit your child while he or she is in temporary care.
  • You will receive counseling and supportive services to help you make a permanent plan for your child and to help you withother challenges you may be dealing with.If you want to make an Adoption Plan:
  • You can choose the adoptive parents for your child from our approved families, or you can ask us to choose an adoptive family, according to your wishes.
  • You can select an open adoption plan according to your comfort level and the adoptive family’s comfort level
  • You may be able to meet the adoptive family before or after placement, if you choose to do so.
  • You can receive updates and photographs from the adoptive family.
  • You can continue to receive counseling and supportive services, even after you make a decision.

To speak with one of our caring and experienced professionals, call our Pregnancy Helpline at 1-800-247-6365.

Birth Parent and Pregnancy Services are free, private and confidential.

Interim Care is available for newborns and children who are in need of temporary care while their parents are receiving counseling through the agency regarding permanency planning. The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey believes that children benefit from individualized care and nurturing relationships. In our Foster Care program, we support this belief by maintaining homes that provide loving care, interest, understanding and stimulation for each child in order to best support their growth and development.

Are you interested in providing short term/ interim care? Do you love infants and toddlers? Do you have room in your home? Please contact Kimberly Thompson at (609) 695-6274, Ext. 176 or for more information or to begin the application process. You must reside in New Jersey or Bucks County, PA.


Who can use CHSofNJ’s Infant Foster Care Services?
Temporary care services are provided when birth parents, who are receiving counseling through CHS of NJ, are unsure about whether or not they can parent, need services until they can care for their child, and/or are considering placing their child with relatives or with an adoptive family.

Are there any costs for these services?
There is no fee for these services. All services to birth parents are FREE and Confidential.

Who will care for my child if I use these services?
Your child will be cared for by an experienced, loving, and caring family in a private home. CHSofNJ thoroughly evaluates, trains, and supervises all of the families who care for infants and toddlers. Our foster families and the children they care for receive supervision and supportive services from our Foster Care Workers.

Can I meet my child’s foster family?
You can meet your child’s foster family, if you choose to do so. They will tell you about your child’s growth and development, and answer your questions.

Can I visit my child while he or she is cared for by a foster family?
If you are considering parenting your child, visitation is important for you and your child. You can visit your child even if you are considering placing your child with an adoptive family. Your counselor will help you make a visitation plan, if you choose to visit.

If you are considering an adoption plan and need immediate assistance, call or text 609.203.4579

Dolores Bryant, LCSW

Valerie Fiorentino, LAC

Janine Cook, LPC

Aisha Harper, MA

Kimberly Thompson, MSW, LSW


  • In NJ at 635 South Clinton Ave., Trenton 08611
  • In PA at 771 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Morrisville 19067

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